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Buy Cannabis Concentrates Online in Canada

Cannabis extracts, or concentrates, are processed cannabis products that contain higher quantities of THC and other cannabinoids than regular bud or flower. Our online cannabis dispensary carries a wide range of extracts.

While there are plenty of different types of extracts, the process for making them remains similar- cannabis plants are mixed with CO2 or another solvent like butane that extracts all the good stuff( the cannabinoids and terpenes) while leaving the plant matter behind.

There are also solventless concentrates like hashish and rosin that are created with a little heat or pressure.

The results are versatile, concentrated cannabis products that you can smoke, ingest, or vaporize, depending on your personal preference.

We offer a wide variety of extracts including, oils, shatter, live resin, distillate, and the stoner classic, hash.

Most Popular Cannabis Extracts

Kootenay Labs Shatter

Dark Side Dabs Honey Oil

High Voltage Live Resin

Darin’s THC Diamonds

Benefits of Weed Concentrates

Extracts and concentrates contain significantly higher amounts of cannabinoids like THC or CBD than regular flower, which makes them appealing for people who want a stronger high.

Another benefit  is that you can ingest concentrates in a broad range of methods, from sublingual dosing to vaping and dabbing, depending on the particular concentrate.

You also get more control over your dose than with cannabis flower, especially as most concentrates will give you the concentration of THC or CBD on the label.

How to Use Weed Extracts

The most common way of ingesting extracts requires inhalation either through dabbing or vaping, and you feel the effects within minutes, if not seconds, and since they’re highly concentrated, it only takes a little to get you very high. It’s very common to vape or dab shatter.

Dab rigs are very popular tools for using extracts, although there are more portable options like vape pens as well. Some people prefer their dab rig when at home and will only use a vape pen when outside.

It’s also possible to smoke extracts, and some, like oils, can be applied under the tongue for a rapid hit, which is very appealing for both medical and recreational use.

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