Smoking shatter can pack a big cannabis punch. That’s because shatter’s THC potency can go as high as 90%. Shatter is known as one of the first cannabis extracts, and that’s why you may have even heard the phrase ‘if it doesn’t shatter, it doesn’t matter’ back in the early 2010s. A lot has changed since then, but shatter is still a very popular concentrate by any standard. In this article, we’ll show you how to smoke shatter in many different ways so you can achieve the best experience possible.


What is shatter?

Shatter is a potent cannabis extract named after its brittle, glass-like consistency. It’s easily broken and can even be snapped apart like peanut brittle in many cases. It’s usually a translucent yellow or amber colour, and its consistency and colour can sometimes vary due to its cannabinoid profile.

Shatter is extracted from cannabis plants using a solvent such as butane and requires multiple purging cycles to properly remove all of the solvent used.

Typically, shatter is dabbed in a dab rig, but that’s not the only way you can smoke it, as you’ll soon see. For more information about shatter’s history, click here.


Smoking shatter in a joint

You don’t need a rig to smoke shatter. Instead, add it to a joint and enjoy the concentrate the old-fashioned way. It’s a straightforward method that anyone experienced with setting up a joint can do easily.

If you have no experience or need practice, here’s how to roll up a joint with shatter. Start by crumbling the shatter and rolling it into an elongated form. Then roll the shatter into the joint and start smoking. The amount of shatter added determines the strength of the joint.

A positive of smoking in a joint format is that you don’t need much money or equipment. However, it’s not necessarily the most efficient method as some shatter will inevitably be lost. But other forms of smoking shatter, such as dabbing, are a more significant financial investment, and if you don’t have a dab rig or bong, this is the easiest and most accessible way to try it.

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How to Smoke shatter in a pipe or bong

Want to learn another simple method of smoking shatter? Then consider getting a bong or a pipe, devices that are readily available at most smoke shops. Pipes are cheaper than a dab rig, and bongs usually are more affordable, too, because bongs don’t require as many accessories as dabbing does. With dabbing, you need the dab nail, dabbing tool (aka ‘dabber’), carb cap, and dab torch.

Before loading your bowl, it’s best to put a screen in before you add the shatter. The next step is to add a bit of ground flower first and then sprinkle in some smaller pieces of shatter. Then, you’ll want to top it all off with a bit more flower for a better experience.

Many people will add ground bud to their shatter to avoid direct contact between the flame and shatter because burning the shatter can affect the taste. It would be doubly disappointing if you were to buy shatter for the first time only to burn it.


How to Dab Shatter

Dabbing shatter is the process of smoking it with a dab rig.

Dabbing may be the most expensive and involved method to consume shatter, but it’s also the most efficient, allowing you to consume all of the shatter. Therefore, you can enjoy the entire range of flavours, which is not possible with the other forms of smoking listed above.

The rig has a dome and a nail that replaces the standard bong bowl. Usually, the nail material is titanium, and it gets heated up with a torch.

Once the nail glows, wait a little bit for the nail to cool down, so you don’t burn your shatter, and then use your dabbing tool to pick up a small amount of shatter. Apply it to the nail, and inhale the vapour.

The combination of these components makes using a dab rig more complicated than just smoking a joint or using a bong. Take the time to learn the dab shatter method, and soon enough, you’ll find that it’s not hard.

The process may vary depending on the dab rig setup, but it works for most. The intensity of the hit depends on the amount of shatter placed inside the dabber. Start with the smallest amount of shatter, and slowly increase the amount if the hit is not strong enough. It’s easy to place too much shatter in the dab and cause the hit to be too strong.

Even experienced cannabis users should start slow if they are using a dab rig for the first time because the intensity of the hit is much higher. The punch can surprise even experienced users – especially due to shatter’s high THC levels.


How to Smoke Shatter in a Vape

Vape pens are another great way of smoking shatter, and they cost around $30 to $200. The price depends on the quality of the materials and features. If you want durability, then you’ll need to spend extra money.

The obvious advantage of portable vape pens is that you can take them with you anywhere.

Another advantage of vape pens is that you can smoke without sacrificing flavour. There is no combustion with the vape pen smoking process, which means the shatter will not burn. The lovely aroma means that you can enjoy the flavour at a reasonable intensity.

Health is another reason opting for vape pens is a good idea as vaping lacks the tar and carcinogens of smoking, which minimizes the impact on your health.

The process of smoking shatter with a vape pen is simple and can be broken down into four steps:

  1. Buy a suitable portable vape pen made for concentrates
  2. Open the chamber, and place a tiny amount of shatter onto the coil
  3. Turn on the vape pen and heat the chamber
  4. Hold the vape button while inhaling. Long, slow inhales usually work best. Start inhaling for a few seconds, and build your way up to longer.


Smoking Shatter FAQ

It’s natural to have questions before smoking shatter for the first time. Get clued in about all things shatter so you can have a great experience while smoking this super-potent form of cannabis.

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Can you eat shatter?

Eating shatter is not recommended because it’s a waste that won’t even get you high. In order to get the effects, the compounds in weed need to be activated through a process called decarboxylation- this is why we burn or vaporize it.

Without decarboxylation, the THC that gets you high remains inactive and won’t have any effects. This is the same reason why eating flower on its own won’t do anything, either.


Which shatter smoking method should you try?

After reading the different ways of smoking shatter, you may find that one speaks to you. If not, then you could try each method to see which one is the best for you. Ask your friends if any of them have the equipment for smoking shatter mentioned in this article.

Each shatter smoking method has its advantages and disadvantages. Through experience, you can pick the one that gives you the most enjoyment, or you can suit it to your circumstances.


Is there a difference between shatter and wax?

There are a few critical differences between shatter and wax that can help you make the right choice. Shatter is more stable, so it lasts longer, but it’s also harder to measure out correctly because of the glass-like structure. Therefore, you may struggle to get the precise hit you’re after. With wax, that’s not the case. The oily consistency of wax makes it much easier to scoop out what you need.

Wax also has more flavour and taste than shatter, which sacrifices flavour for more THC for a stronger hit.


Is it safe to smoke shatter?

Shatter is safe if you consume it reasonably, avoid driving and operating heavy machinery when high, and use a safe method. Start with very small quantities to see how much you can handle. Work your way up slowly instead of making big jumps. The low-temperature methods of vaping and dabbing means the organic material does not burn.

Shatter is extracted using butane as a solvent, but it is purged multiple times before being ready for consumers.


Does vaping shatter cause a bad smell?

You might already know the distinctive smell of cannabis. It’s not for everybody.

Vaping shatter doesn’t have the pungent aroma of weed smoke, and since it’s a vapour, it doesn’t hang around in the air for very long, either. While you might get a faint whiff of cannabis when vaping, it’s nowhere near as strong, which makes vaping ideal if you’re hanging out at home or around people who don’t like the smell of weed.


How much shatter should I consume?

The amount of shatter you should consume depends on your tolerance level and the strength of the hit. More shatter leads to a stronger hit, so be careful about how much you add. Consider starting with a small amount and building up to more shatter to avoid getting an intense hit that you cannot handle.


Is there CBD in shatter?

Not really, unless you’re specifically getting CBD shatter. But it’s harder to find because it isn’t as common.


How much does a gram of shatter cost?

The cost depends on where you buy, so you’ll need to shop around to get a deal that appeals to you. The average price is about $35 to $50 for a gram, which means you can get a sizeable discount if you know where to buy. Check out our website for some of the best shatter around at a price that you’ll struggle to find elsewhere.

Ready to start smoking shatter?

Check out our great selection of shatter here. For more information on shatter and learn how it’s made, check out our article on shatter here.