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Buy Sativa Cannabis Strains Online

Sativa strains have a reputation for giving more of a ‘head high’ than the ‘body high’ of Indica strains. This makes sativas the ideal cannabis strains for daytime use, and they’re prized for their energizing effects. Not only can sativa strains make you feel better, but they also can improve your focus and boost your creativity.

Indicas, on the other hand, are more relaxing and great at night. If you want something with a more balanced high that lets you experience a bit of both, then check out our hybrid strains.

Benefits of Sativa

Sativa strains promote creativity and productivity. In general, Sativa strains increase energy, improve appetite, and can help lift your mood.

Artists tend to use Sativa to help focus on their work while getting the creative juices flowing. As such, Sativa tends to be more suitable for day-time use unless you’re okay with staying up late into the night.

How to Use Sativa

Like all flower, you can ingest Sativas in a range of different methods. The most common way remains smoking, either as a blunt, joint, or in a bong. Many people still find the act of rolling and sharing a joint very social and relaxing. Bongs are also a great way to use Sativa, especially if you have enough to ensure that everyone gets at least one good hit.

Vaping has become increasingly popular since it’s easier on the lungs than smoking, while still retaining much of the taste and smell of a good Sativa hit. There are plenty of vape pens designed for bud or flower use, making them ideal for gentle, controlled hits.

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