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Sure, it’s nice to sample the finer and more expensive buds every once in a while, but what do you do when you’re just looking for the best deals for the most weed? Come here, of course! 

At Xpressgrass, we created this one-stop shop for all our best value buys! These are solid buds, nice hash, and great combos at a price that is almost too good to pass up! 

We spent a lot of time researching our most popular products and creating selections that let you pick and choose the deals that serve you best, whether you’re looking for bulk weed or variety combos. 

Looking for an array of quality hashes to try? We’ve got that. Or how about a mix and match combo to try an assortment of some of our most famous strains of weed? Sounds like a great party! Or maybe you’re just looking for an ounce of one of our finest buds for the unbelievable prices of $99 or $149 an ounce? 

Bulk means discount, and this means we are offering some of our best-sellers in bulk and passing the savings down to you. In this Value section, you will find our finest deals that are the best bang for your hard-earned buck.  

All our selections have unique flavours and pack a potent punch for a great price. Come check them out!