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Buy Cannabis Oil and THC Distillate Online

Cannabis oils are a form of cannabis concentrate that uses a solvent, such as butane, during the extraction process. The result is a potent product that you can use in a variety of different ways- you can roll it in a joint, vape it, and even eat it straight!

Oils are just one of the many types of concentrates you can get. If you’re looking for dabs or hash, check out our concentrates section for plenty of options.

The Benefits of Cannabis Oils (Cherry, Honey, CO2)

Oils offer several benefits over traditional cannabis flower. The first is that it’s a more potent version of the plant, providing a similar effect with a much smaller dose. Many oil producers will measure the THC and CBD levels in their products, allowing you to calculate your dose much more effectively than with flower. A similar product to buy is shatter.

Oils are also incredibly versatile and discreet. They burn up very quickly and cleanly, which means there’s minimal clean-up when compared to bongs or pipes. You can ingest oils in a wide variety of methods, either in the privacy of your own home or discreetly in public.

How to Use Oil

The most common way to use oils is with a vaporizer. There are plenty of vape pens or cartridges on the market that vaporize cannabis oil. Vaporizing preserves much of the cannabis taste without as much of the smell. Vape pens produce a much gentler throat feeling than smoking, which also makes oils appealing to cannabis beginners.

There are also ingestible oils that are safe to eat, either with food or in capsule form, if you feel like releasing your inner chef.

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