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Shatter is a type of cannabis concentrate with a brittle consistency similar to glass (hence the name). This beautiful material is a potent concentrate with high levels of THC, and it was one of the first concentrates produced using modern extraction methods, making it one of the most well-known and popular cannabis concentrates.

It can vary both in color and consistency, depending on its cannabinoid profile and how it was made. Its potency also varies, ranging from 50-90% THC.

Shatter is just one of the many concentrates we have on offer. If you’re looking for something else, why not check out our other extracts such as live resin, oils or THC distillate?

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Benefits of Shatter

The number one benefit is that it is an excellent way to get the benefits of THC quickly. Since shatter vaporizes easily, you avoid the potential carcinogens of burning plant material, while still reaping the medical and recreational benefits of cannabis.

An added benefit, its shelf life. When stored properly, shatter can last for months, and even if it begins to lose its brittle, glasslike consistency, you can still use it although it may have lost some of its taste due to the degradation of terpenes.

Finally, it is easy to use and easy to clean up. Since you only need a tiny amount, there’s minimal residue, and it’s easy to handle when setting up your rig. It also works very fast, often resulting in near-instant highs.

How to Use Shatter

The two most common ways to use shatter are with a vape pen or with a dab rig. Vape pens can vaporize cannabis on the go, while using a dab rig requires a bit more setup and preparation time.

In both instances, you place a small amount on a heating surface (either the vape pen’s heating chamber or coils, or the dab rig’s heated nail) and heat it. It will quickly turn to vapor, which you can inhale and enjoy.

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