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Buy Cannabis Tinctures in Canada

Tinctures are cannabis extracts dissolved in an oil or alcohol, providing the medicinal and recreational benefits of cannabis without the need to inhale smoke or vapour.

Many different types of tinctures can cater to different users. CBD tinctures contain only CBD with minimal THC. Full-spectrum tinctures will contain both THC and CBD, along with many other cannabis compounds. Broad-spectrum tinctures contain everything that Full-spectrum tinctures contain except for THC, and there are also tinctures that only contain THC.

Each tincture is different, and we have several different products with different CBD/THC ratios to ensure that you find what you need.

Most Popular Tinctures

DOSE CBD Tinctures

CBDMove Tincture

MOTA THC Tinctures

Benefits of Cannabis Tinctures

Many people are familiar with the benefits of cannabis use. Research shows that CBD has plenty of medical benefits, including pain relief and management of epilepsy, and THC also shows medical benefits, including controlling depression and elevating mood.

The main benefit of tinctures is that they’re incredibly easy to use, without having to inhale any of the dangerous carcinogens in smoke. Many people dislike inhaling due to throat and lung irritation, which may stop them from even trying cannabis products in the first place. This makes alternatives like tinctures very popular. While smoking cannabis will always have its diehard fans, it’s great to have other options, too.

How to Use Weed Tinctures

Tincture bottles have a built-in dropper to help you precisely measure your dose. Some people like to apply their tincture to their food or mix it in with their morning coffee or tea. Another popular option is to take it sublingually, or under the tongue. Since the tincture gets absorbed rapidly into the bloodstream, the effects of taking a tincture sublingually will produce more rapid results than if you swallowed it or put it on food.

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