For starters, just what is cannabis trim? Let’s start with the definition straight from

“Specifically speaking, trim is defined as the excess snipping of leaves from buds of marijuana plants.”

Throughout the growing cycle of a cannabis plant, many leaves will grow, some of which need trimming to maintain the plants’ overall health, while some need trimming to harvest the big, beautiful nuggets that everyone loves. These trimmings are known as ‘trim’.

So let’s jump into cannabis trim and find out what’s so great about it and how it can help ‘trim’ your weed budget!


Sugar Leaves vs. Fan Leaves

There are actually two different kinds of cannabis trim: sugar leaves and fan leaves.

Sugar leaves are the one-fingered leaves closer to the bud, and fan leaves are the 5-7 fingered leaves that spread out like a fan. Sugar leaves have a fair number of trichomes on them (which look like sugar, hence the name), which means they also have a decent amount of THC and CBD.

Fan leaves only contain a minimal amount of THC and CBD since they have fewer trichomes, and because of this, sometimes they become an afterthought.

There are still good cannabinoids in the leaves, however, which means there is still a ton of fun stuff to do with the trimmed leaves, aka cannabis trim or trim.

This article will explore how to use cannabis trim, the benefits of trim, and what goes into making the best cannabis trim.


So Why Get Trim?

There is a multitude of uses for cannabis trim, which we will get into very shortly. Most people will want to smoke the best part of the cannabis plant: the buds. That is where most of the good stuff like the THC and CBD are and where the trichomes are most densely concentrated.

However, there are still trichomes in the leaves of the plant and, therefore, the trim. Should you (or the grower) waste those precious cannabinoids and terpenes? We say no!

Cannabis trim is super versatile and is definitely a product worth looking into. And the best part is: it’s always a great deal!

Cannabis trim is one of the best deals you can buy here at Xpressgrass because you can get a lot of it for cheap, and you can use it for so many things.

So without further adieu, let’s get into the ways to use trim!

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10 Ways To Use Trim

There are so many things you can do with the trim left over from pruning the buds. Here is a quick list of some of the unique ways to process cannabis trim:

1. Smoke it! – It might not be as good as a nice big nug, but it will still get you high. Just make sure the leaves are dry first. If they’re not, you can quickly dry them yourself by spreading them out on sheets of newspaper in a dry, shaded area.


2. Cannabis-Infused Butter, Milk or Oil – THC is fat-soluble, so combining it with butter or oil is best. This process is the same as making regular cannabutter or oil; it just won’t be quite as strong. Use it for baking, milkshakes, cooking, edibles, or whatever else you can think of! (Note: activate the THC by toasting your trim in the oven on a low temp for 30 minutes to an hour, a process called decarboxylation).


3. Kief – Fairly easy to make. Automatic Bud Trimmers and some grinders automatically collect kief for you, or you can use a silkscreen. For more info on Kief, check out our article “What is Kief and How to Use It”.


4. Hash – More complicated to make than kief, but more valuable. Hash is basically condensed kief. If you want more info, check out “How to Make Hash: 10 Most Popular Methods”.


5. Rosin – Much easier if you have a Rosin Press, but you can learn how to make it here. You can make it at home relatively easily because all it requires is pressure and heat.


6. Edibles – Use the cannabis-infused butter and oil to make your favourite edibles. Some favourites include classics like brownies, cookies, and gummies, but if you have your own infused butter, the only limit for edibles is your creativity.

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7. Juice or tea – Trim can be infused into your favourite tea or made into a juice by blending the leaves (very healthy!).


8. Eat it Raw or Use For Cooking Food – Cannabis trim leaves are high in vitamins and minerals, including: iron, calcium, folates, vitamin C, vitamin K, and antioxidants. Keep a jar full of decarboxylated trim to sprinkle on your favourite dishes.


9. Make a Cream or Salve – Cannabis is absorbed through the skin and can be great for conditions such as acne and joint pain.


10. Compost It – If all else fails, compost it! If you can’t use the rest, recycle it back to the earth from whence it came. Since trim is organic material, it will fit right in.


The Best Cannabis Trim

If you are growing your own cannabis, then you will have your trim. But what if you don’t grow your own weed and want to get in on all the benefits of cannabis trim? We’ve got you covered!

Unfortunately, some cannabis trim can be hit or miss. A lot of it depends on the quality of the plant and flower that it was trimmed off, so buying trim from places that sell quality buds, like Xpressgrass, is essential to finding the best cannabis trim.

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Cannabis Trim At Xpressgrass

At Xpressgrass, we carry great strains for even better prices, and our trim packages are one of the best deals on the website!

We have a selection of cannabis trim to satisfy whatever you’re in the mood for. Come check out our fantastic deals right here!


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