We’ve heard of lipstick advent calendars, beer advent calendars, even gin advent calendars, but just when you thought people couldn’t possibly come up with any more creative ways to count down to Christmas, many Canadian companies blow it out of the water (and we’re not talking about bong water). This year for Christmas, you can get a “weed advent calendar” to smoke through the holidays.

Companies are creating an advent calendar that contains multiple grams of cannabis split up into 24 little boxes. That customers can open up every day. If you’re not much a smoker and more of a “brownie” person, you can get 24 edibles to munch on until Christmas. If you like both, you can even order a calendar that is half and half.

Christmas Advent Calendar as a Marketing Technique

Lindsay Meredith, a professor emeritus at Simon Fraser University’s business school, described the ‘weed advent calendar’ as a marketing coup. He called it a throwback to mid-century “ambush advertising”. Which uses quirky products or behavior to catch people’s attention and amplify a brand’s exposure using mainstream media. Taking advantage of this legislative gap, plenty of marijuana dispensaries have been operating in the ‘grey area’ without repercussions. Offering potentially ‘kid-friendly’ products like Advent Calendars.

So far the ‘cannabis calendar’ concept is a hit with consumers. According to several Instagram accounts from customers, there was such a spike in orders yesterday that several brand’s sites crashed. However, the companies assure that it’s not too late to place an order.

The perfect gift for that stoner friend

While the children are getting a “Sugar High”. You’ll actually be getting high from the Weed Advent Calendar. The perfect gift for that stoner friend, or for you!

Other companies have done similar techniques surrounding 420 as this is the largest holiday in the cannabis community. The common theory is that customers get to try out a whole bunch of new strains in the run-up to each celebration. According to the websites, those who purchase the untraditional calendar will be able to smoke a new craft weed strain every day of December. To add to the surprise compartments are often filled with different strains than previous versions.

With all the write-ups about what to expect in the way of the high. Or the medicinal value of each strain, the fact is the effects depend as much on the user as the strain. So trying as many strains as you can afford is the smart way to learn which ones work best for you.

Available now for pre-order on many MOM sites, these amazing Cannabis Christmas Advent Calendars are available exclusively to members. Filled with premium bud, edibles and extracts, these Cannabis Christmas Advent Calendars are overflowing with Indica, Sativa and Hybrid bud; not to mention gummies, candies, chocolates, pre-rolls, shatter and hash!

Packed with on average $300 worth of goodies, Cannabis Christmas Advent Calendars will keep you on a high leading to the most wonderful time of the year!

Cannabis Advent Calendars are both a plus for the consumer and retailer! While they can often run a high price tag I have included a link to an article on how to MAKE YOUR OWN CANNABIS ADVENT CALENDAR. Or read the instructions below!


I love Christmas and I love the ritual of opening a door on an advent calendar every day leading up to Christmas Eve. While we still have time to put off thinking about Christmas, time is running out if you want to make a DIY Cannabis Advent Calendar.

I’m not a big fan of those store-bought calendars with smaller items in them. What I really want is a homemade calendar project that is simple enough to create, but that could be a family heirloom, or at least has a big fat ounce in each door!

So I’ve been hanging out over at Pinterest looking for ideas, and there are so many easy cannabis advent calendars to make we might end up with more than one!

  1. Gather two pieces of identical cardboard, the size of your calendar.
  2. Mark the doors you want on the one piece of cardboard.
  3. Cut 3 sides of each door so that it can be folded open.
  4. Cut strips and glue them to the back of this first cardboard.
  5. Make sure every compartment has a wall so your product doesn’t fall out!
  6. Fill each compartment with the treats and cannabis of your wishes.
  7. Add glue to the top of the compartment walls and place the second piece of cardboard down.
  8. Push gently so that it adheres and flip over.
  9. Let dry!
  10. Decorate the outside to your taste.
  11. Enjoy yourself or give it to a friend!

Our recommendations for filling your advent calendar!

To fill the spots in your stoner advent calendar you should check out the different product categories XpressGrass has to offer!

Cannabis Edibles: These are tasty treats with THC or CBD infused into the edible. They come in a variety of options, but we recommend something small like a Medicated Gummy or Hard candy!

Cannabis Flowers: This is a standard for filling up your advent calendar! You can choose between a huge selection of strains and also sizes of bags to fill each slot. Our recommended size is a 3.5 Gram option of organic flower! Another easy go to is a pre-rolled cone!

Topicals & Tinctures: These make a great addition to the advent calendar if you are making it for someone who is a non-smoker, or just prefers a variety of ways to indulge in cannabis.

However, you get your hands on one. You’ll have to admit, it would make for a pretty interesting holiday season. So strap on your snowshoes and set your bells to jingle, because we’re about to get festive up in here!