What is craft cannabis?

The term craft cannabis has been diluted in recent years. Technically, it should refer to cannabis that is grown in small-batches using cutting edge cultivation techniques. This produces an exceptional flower that is considered boutique by comparison to most other cannabis. For a long time, we had no idea where our pot came from, much less who the grower was and how they grew it. Craft cannabis is something that has always been around. As consumers have become more discerning, it has grown in popularity. As other craft consumer goods take off, from micro-brews to artisanal bread and coffees, farm-to-table meals are going to pair nicely with seed-to-sale cannabis. We carry craft strains at our online dispensary, XpressGrass.

Overall, craft cannabis means more patience, care, and attention to detail was put into the growing and curing of the product. However, it can also include some of the following characteristics as well.

  • Hand trimmed over machine trimmed to retain trichomes, and therefore the plant’s potency and medicinal value
  • Organic methods over pesticides
  • Exceptional packaging (like glass jar with UV protection)

Skookum Canned Cannabis

Skookum Cannabis is organically grown by a collective of highly experienced farmers. Beautiful British Columbia’s organically grown craft cannabis in living soil. Once buds have been dried in a temperature and humidity controlled environment, cold curing takes place for a minimum of 14 days. Perfectly cured in large 5lb capacity sanitized glass jars, resulting in deep rich aromas and finest representation of the strain. Respecting the land, air, sea, and the first nations of our west coast we are proud to offer the fruits of our labour, Skookum Cannabis.

Sacred Gardens Craft Cannabis Series

Another remarkable grower is Sacred Gardens Craft Exotic Cannabis. Based on Vancouver Island, Sacred Gardens pheno-hunts for strains with unique terpene profiles and exotic flavours cultivated using micro-cultivation methodology. Their weed is representative of what true Canadian craft cannabis actually is. Sacred Gardens Craft strains have high THC content and impeccable quality control including batch ID, date Harvested, and date packed as labelled on every package.

Unlicensed Producer

Unlicensed Producer, based in Manitoba, has a long history in growing and is known to be one of the top growers in Canada. Unlicensed Producer is infamous for growing top quality strains that have spot-on terpene profiles and are covered in trichomes. These beautiful nugs are hard to find and one of the most exclusive drops on the market.

Some of their top strains include First Class Funk, Banana Punch, and the renowned Gorilla Glue 4. You can rely on Unlicensed Producer to bring out the strongest and most accurate terpene profiles for these strains. Unlicensed Producer’s version of Gorilla Glue 4 has the truest and closest terpene profile to the original G.G.4 strain.