Over the last few years, cannabis lovers have revelled in product choices, including THC distillate. Now, you’re no longer limited to only a few options like flowers or hash. These days, you can enjoy cannabis in a variety of forms and through numerous methods, from the traditional cannabis flowers to oils, capsules, and newer products like edibles, shatter, rosin, and distillates. Out of all these exciting options, concentrates are probably the least known or understood, which is why so many of our customers have questions about our THC distillates. If you’re someone who wants to learn more about THC distillates then keep reading. Here is our basic guide to explain what a THC distillate is, its many benefits, and the different ways you can enjoy it (if you haven’t already).

What is THC Distillate? 

Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is the psychoactive cannabinoid found in many beloved cannabis products as well as the plant itself. It causes the feeling of relaxation and euphoria, essentially the high you get when you’ve enjoyed your favourite edibles or vape sessions for example. In contrast, cannabidiol, or CBD, is the non-psychoactive component of marijuana, and it does not cause the euphoric high we commonly associate with THC. However, CBD is the active ingredient that provides many health benefits such as pain relief, reducing anxiety, and assisting with sleep. With a THC distillate, certain content such as impurities, plant matter, and wax has been carefully extracted from the cannabis plant except for the cannabinoid, so you’re pretty much getting the purest form of THC as possible 

How to Use THC Distillate 

Distillates, being a purified form of activated THC, can be mixed in with just about anything you want to eat, drink, or smoke. They’re usually packaged in a syringe form or in a capsule for better dosing and convenience. You’ll know exactly what you’re getting because they go through extensive processes to ensure it’s the absolute best quality. Look towards the packaging or product description for an approximate THC percentage. Below are some popular options and details on how to consume and use THC distillate. 

dab pen, vape pen and cannabis


Smoking a joint is the traditional and most convenient way to enjoy cannabis and ultimately THC distillates. No fancy setup is necessary. Simply grab your rolling papers, grind up a bud and roll. Although let’s be real, sometimes you don’t have the time or place to roll a joint so your next best option is to buy some high-quality pre-rolls. A variety of different rolling papers are also available, including hemp, rice, and wood pulp, so go with the one that you like the most. Once you have your joint, all you need to do is add some distillate to either the inside or outside of your joint, spread it out to get a consistent high and smoke away. 


Vaping has become increasingly popular thanks to its decreased health risk, minimal smell, and convenience. They’re also great in terms of transport and secrecy. Most vapes resemble a thin pen making them lightweight and low-key. With vaporizers, THC distillates are heated to a specific temperature without combusting, which drastically reduces the risk of ingesting toxins from the smoke. When it comes to vaping, you can either choose to get disposable vape pens or reusable ones. Regardless, you will have to replace or refill the cartridge. At XpressGrass, we offer many vape products such as vape kits along with reusable and disposable vape options for when you want to conveniently relax on the down-low.


Dabbing is one of the most popular methods of consuming concentrated extracts. It’s chemically cleaner than alternate methods of consumption due to the lack of burning plant matter that releases carcinogens. Known for its stronger flavours and intense high, dabbing is normally done using a dab rig. It’s essentially a glass chamber with multiple percolators, similar to a bong. You’ll place the concentrate or in this case, the THC distillate on the rig, heat it up to activate the ingredients and then inhale the smoke for amazing psychedelic effects. Don’t forget, THC distillates can be mixed into pretty much everything. If you do choose to mix the distillate with other concentrates be wary of how much you can handle. XpressGrass provides THC distillates and oils formulated specifically to deliver a relaxing high and a flavour-packed experience through dabbing.


Bongs are commonly used for flowers due to their ability to trap ash. In addition, they also have a reputation for trapping and filtering harmful carcinogens and other toxins from burning plant matter. Due to the water filtration, the smoke is able to cool down before it reaches the mouthpiece. This process provides a much smoother inhale that doesn’t irritate the lungs or throat. If you’re a more experienced cannabis user, you may want to try adding some THC distillate into your bong. THC distillates really provide a more potent effect especially when it’s been combined with other cannabis products. In this case, combining flowers and distillate in your bong will surely enhance the flowers’ effects. When people are after an instant euphoric high, using a bong will give you that desired effect. 


One of the most popular ways marijuana users enjoy cannabis is by consuming edibles. Edibles are food products that contain some form of cannabis and are usually great for controlled dosing. There are many different kinds of edibles available including confectionery, candy, chocolate, beverages and more. You can either choose to buy pre-made edibles or make your own using a THC distillate. Here are some easy cannabis recipes if you want to try and make your own. To make any type of food an “edible”, simply add a few drops of the distillate and that’s all there is to it. Edibles can be convenient and delicious but will take a while to kick in before you feel the effects. If you’re looking for edibles online, XpressGrass offers a wide range of delicious options that include gummies, shatter chews, baked goods, lollipops, and even freezies! 

The Benefits of THC Distillate

The experience of taking THC distillates varies from person to person (since no two endocannabinoid systems are alike), but it is generally described as being highly pleasurable. Most people report positive effects from elevated moods, better sleep, increased creativity to boosted energy levels. In terms of health benefits, studies suggest that cannabis use can help with numerous ailments including weight loss, deterring migraines, chronic pain relief and more. To learn more about the health benefits of cannabis click here. It’s important to note that every person (and their endocannabinoid system) is different. What works for your friends might be too much or too little for you. One person can experience certain effects whereas you don’t. With that in mind, experiment at your own discretion to identify the ideal dosage for you. 

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Not everyone likes to smoke or vape, the smell can be unpleasant to some and the smoke can irritate lungs. There are edibles on the other hand, but edibles sometimes just take too long to kick in. THC distillates are super easy to use and can be used in so many different ways. Whether that’s adding a few drops into your food or ingesting it as is. It’s a great option for any cannabis enthusiast who’s looking for a way to increase the potency and strength of products they already have. Besides enhancing effects, it’s also another alternative for those who prefer not to smoke. With that being said, now is the time to give THC distillates a try. To find high-quality premium THC distillate, look no further than XpressGrass.

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