If you don’t have a clear idea of what cool weed smoking accessories are essential for stoners in the long run, you could easily waste money on unnecessary purchases.

Some items look like the best weed smoking accessories, but after a few uses, you realize that they’re more hassle than they’re worth.


Types of Weed Accessories

Nowadays, there are more options for using cannabis than ever, and the type of accessories you need will depend on your favourite ways to use cannabis.

We’ll take a look at different accessories for:

  • Smoking
  • Bongs and dab rigs
  • Rolling
  • Storing your weed
  • Vaping
  • Lifestyle

As a responsible and savvy stoner, cool accessories are essential to an enjoyable experience.


Accessories for Smoking

Smoking is one of the most conventional methods of using weed—and one of the most traditional pastimes. However, without the best weed smoking tools, you may be missing out on the full experience.

For all the smokers out there, here are the must-have accessories:


1. Lighter

Every stoner knows the importance of a good lighter as you can’t smoke weed without it!

While you can use a match to light your weed, lighters trump matches in practically all settings.

From the standard Bic lighters to more fashionable Zippos and torch lighters, you’ve got a range of options that you can customize to your smoking habits and taste.


2. Ash Tray

Unlike other methods of consuming weed, smoking generates ash, which can be inconvenient and grimy to clean up afterwards.

As a responsible smoker, an ashtray prevents you from leaving unsightly ash all over your house, and it is vital for those indoor smoking sessions if you want to protect your furniture and carpets.


3. Sploof (Air Filter)

While you may like weed, that doesn’t mean that every member of your household will. If you have young children, sensitive pets, and other people who should not smoke the substance living in the same home, there’s good reason to keep your hobby to yourself.

Air filters, commonly known as sploofs, are essential accessories for weed smokers. It eliminates the distinctive smell of weed by releasing (relatively) odourless smoke when you enjoy your cannabis sesh. It is an excellent way of keeping the air around your home fresh. Sploofs like the popular Smokebuddy are available online.

You can even make one yourself easily at home. All you need is some dryer sheets, an old toilet paper roll, and an elastic band. Simply stuff one end of the toilet paper roll with 3-5 dryer sheets, and then wrap the end of the roll with another dryer sheet and secure it with an elastic band.


Accessories for Bongs and Dab Rigs

weed accessories

4. Bongs

Bongs are an excellent alternative to smoking joints, and they’re an iconic stoner accessory for a reason as the water in the bong makes the smoke smoother and also helps filter out tar and ash.

There are many beautiful and affordable bongs on the market, from the ceramic and glass varieties to simpler plastic designs, so you’re sure to find something that piques your interest.


5. Dab Tool

If you like concentrates, then you’re going to need a dab tool to scoop up your concentrate to dab on the rig.

Dab tools are essential to the dabbing experience as you need something that can withstand the heat of the nail. This is the best way to smoke shatter.


6. Cleaners

You’ll need cleaners and brushes to keep your glass and other equipment sparkling fresh. Prevent your pieces from getting gross and clean them regularly. Not only will it make a cleaner smoke, but it’s also more appealing when it’s clean.

These handy tools enable you to reach the deepest corners of your accessories.

Also, make sure to change out the water in your bong regularly.


Accessories for Rolling

If smoking is your preferred method, you’ll need the proper accessories to roll your weed into joints or “marijuana cigarette”.

Joints are a classic and ever-popular method of smoking weed, and having the right accessories can make the experience so much better.


7. Rolling Tray

Rolling your weed can be challenging. If you’re not careful, it can easily get all over your table, couch, and carpet, so a rolling tray is crucial.

These trays are vital weed stash accessories that simplify the rolling and clean-up process.


8. Joint Roller Machine and Tips

Rolling requires a technique that can be hard to master. It is easy for some, while for others, it becomes an impossible, frustrating task that taints the weed smoking experience.

You need not struggle with mastering the rolling technique when you have a joint roller. These weed accessories eliminate any rolling errors, giving you the best results, and guaranteeing a high-end smoking experience.

Your joints also need a tip (or filter) to make it easier to hold, especially when it gets down to the end. Not only do joint tips make your joint easier to hold, but they also prevent you from accidentally burning yourself with the roach and ensures proper airflow throughout the smoke sesh. Perfectly rolled joints are essential to the experience.


9. Rolling Paper

The key to rolling is high-quality rolling papers.

There are many types of rolling papers out there based on thinness, size, and material, ranging from conventional white paper to hemp paper (how appropriate!).

If you can’t roll, you can also buy pre-rolled cones that you simply fill with weed to make your own perfectly rolled joint!

weed accessories

Accessories for Storage

10. Airtight Containers

Storage is essential in the cannabis niche. If you want to enjoy fresh and tasty weed, you must store it properly, preferably in an airtight storage container.

You want to ensure that your container is smell-proof, pet-proof, and child-proof. If it’s not pet or child-proof, make sure to keep it somewhere they can’t find it.

Ensure that your storage container is large enough to fit everything it needs like your grinder, papers, filters, etc.

While you can buy containers that are as much of a statement as they are functional- like beautifully hand-carved wooden weed boxes- if you need something quick for a day trip, a lunch box or resealable food container are great.


11. Jars and Hemp Keepers

If you want to store cannabis flowers, you could consider glass canning jars. Ensure the containers are airtight, which keeps the smell in and consider getting a Boveda pack to maintain the proper relative humidity inside the jar.

Cannabis prefers a range of 55% – 62% relative humidity to prevent it from drying out.

If you’re a traveller, Medtainers are fantastic. It is one of the cool weed smoking accessories for on-the-go with a built-in grinder and storage space that makes weed preparation effortless and neat, no matter your location.


Weed Vaping Accessories

Not everyone loves smoking weed, which makes vaping an excellent alternative.

It involves heating cannabis oil or extracts and inhaling weed vapour instead of smoke. It is an excellent option since weed vapour doesn’t contain the tar or carcinogens of traditional weed smoke.


12. Vaporizer and Vape Pen

An essential tool when it comes to vaping weed, a vaporizer does exactly what its name implies.

Vaporizers are available in different sizes and capacities, with some designed for group use and others for personal use only.

The elimination of smoke also enhances the weed experience for those who do not like the smell of it, and the vapour doesn’t linger and cling to furniture the same way that weed smoke does.

Portable vaporizers like vape pens are great because they are easy to carry. Most will fit in your pocket, and they allow you to vape in public discreetly without affecting others.

The portability and discretion of vape pens mean it is becoming increasingly popular in North America. Many people are now using these accessories to consume weed and the best thing about it is that it generates little to no odour.


Cool Weed Accessories

As more people enjoy weed, accessories for it have blossomed. Not all accessories are as practical as the others on our list, but they can be fashionable and a cool reference that your fellow stoners will love.


13. THC or Weed Necklace

You may also like a necklace with the THC molecule or marijuana leaf imprint. A pendant is a stunning option if you or your special someone would like a discreet way to show off a love of weed that matches any occasion.

weed accessories

Summing Up

Every stoner needs these cool weed smoking accessories, whether you are a smoker or vaper.

Our list offers thirteen perfect accessories to keep your product safe and fresh.

If you are looking for the best weed accessories Canada can provide, do not hesitate to visit our accessories page for affordable and fashionable tools to enhance your weed experience.