One may think that cannabis growth is similar to growing any other plant in your backyard. But, the more they investigate the subject, the more they realize that cannabis growth has its own set of rules and procedures. They make the whole process of growing that much more complicated and thus, you can’t say that “anyone” can grow cannabis plants.

Well, they could, they just need proper tools, knowledge, and license. What is Curing Cananbis? How do you do it? Is curing Cannabis Important? We tackle all these questions and more @!

In this article, we’ll talk more about the last step of cannabis growing – curing. In another article, we talked more about cannabis trimming, which is a process that comes before this. If you want to check this article out and learn more about why trim is essential, you can do it here.

After the trimming has been completed, the next step is curing. It’s a process that is often neglected as many people think that there isn’t much to it and that they can serve the cannabis to their customers without this last step. While that is true to some degree, cannabis curing divides good cannabis plant growers from the terrible ones. The companies that utilize this step in the production, in 100% of cases have a better end product. With that being said, if you run a small exhibition of your own, and want to step up your game, or are just curious about curing cannabis, you’re at the right place. We’ll see what curing is, why it is good, and why should you start utilizing it as soon as possible.

What Is Curing Cannabis?

What is Curing Cananbis? How do you do it? Is curing Cannabis Important? We tackle all these questions and more @!

Curing is a process that isn’t specifical only for cannabis plants. Food manufacturers use it daily to provide you, the customer, with food that will have a great taste and last for more extended periods. There are many different methods of curing, but they all have the same goal – removing bacteria and providing long term usage.

Cannabis curing is no different. Since it’s a natural plant, it doesn’t have a long “duration” period after you take it from the ground. Let’s put it this way. After the manufacturer takes the cannabis plant from the ground, the process begins. Step by step, cannabis buds become more potent and reach the stage that we all love and consume. Proper nutrition and tools help with this as with the help of it. You ensure that the end product is of high quality. But, when you get the end product, you need to react fast.

As time passes by, the fresh buds which you just harvested and trimmed are starting to get weaker and weaker. By staying on the air, as with many other products, cannabis buds start to lose their effectiveness. Ever wondered why it’s always advised to smoke cannabis as soon as it’s been processed? Yeah, they aren’t as potent as they used to be after some time. So, to avoid this situation and to prolong the lifetime of cannabis plants so that you can enjoy it even after several weeks or months, curing has to happen.

Step By Step Curing

There are different methods of curing, but the most common one goes as follows:

  1. You hang your cannabis plants upside down and leave them in a dark room
  2. After a few days or weeks, you take the buds (which are now going to be more sturdy) and place them in a container, again in a dark place
  3. Occasionally open the container boxes so that the oxygen can get in and close it after
  4. Repeat the process for several days or weeks

Why Cure Your Cannabis?

The result is buds that will last a lot longer than the buds which haven’t come through the curing phase. The more you think about it, the more you’ll understand that the cannabis which you are smoking from a respected dealer mostly comes in a plastic bag, right? Have you ever wondered how it can have the same flavor, smell, and strength even after sitting in that plastic packing for several days or weeks? Curing is your answer.

What is Curing Cananbis? How do you do it? Is curing Cannabis Important? We tackle all these questions and more @!

If you wish to make your cannabis long-lasting and preserve the strength, aroma, effects, and everything else it carries with it – curing is your best friend. It’s the last step of the cannabis growth process, which you shouldn’t skip as it will guarantee to make your cannabis a lot better.

What Are The Option When It Comes To Curing Cannabis?

As we mentioned before, there are different methods of curing. But, in a nutshell, the only difference between them is the order of actions in the curing process. Some don’t hang the cannabis plant upside down and just place them straight into air sealed containers. Others turn them and let them become more brittle. Some, yet again, make the curing process last a lot longer than the other. There are endless options, and every company has its way of doing it. But, the general idea stays the same, and if you want to learn more about the different methods, we suggest that you do a little bit of research and google it. There are some excellent guides out there, pictures included.

Don’t Skip It

In the end, hopefully, after reading this article, you understood how vital cannabis curing is and why you shouldn’t avoid this step if you’re a cannabis grower. Curing can make it or break it, which means that the customer can easily see whether cannabis has undergone the curing process or not. And, the last thing you would want is an unsatisfied customer who won’t order your weed anymore. So, without much thinking, start cannabis curing. It will bring your cannabis growing game to a whole other level.