Harvesting time has come!

For many people who grow cannabis at the comfort of their home, one of the essential parts of the growing is trimming. While many people neglect that trimming plays a considerable role in cannabis development and general freshness and quality of it. But, trimming isn’t just taking regular scissors and cutting down leaves of your cannabis.

If that were the case, everyone would be doing it and growing weed at home. There’s much more to it and in this article, we’ll talk more about why trimming is vital for cannabis growth, what are different trimming methods and why should it become a staple activity in the process of cannabis growing.

What Is Trimming?

Trimming, or pruning is the process of taking off “extra” plant matter that is present between the cannabis buds. By doing this, the useless part of the plant is thrown away, and you are left with buds that are more prominent and thus, have more yield and potency.

Trimming is a process that is very important in growing a cannabis plant. It’s one of those things which can make it or break it when it comes to quality cannabis buds. Famous manufacturers do this regularly and right now; you can’t find a bud online from a respected dealer that isn’t trimmed.

They use special tools for this matter and ensure that what’s left of the plant is the material of the highest possible quality. But, if you aren’t a big company for cannabis manufacturing and just own your little home lab where you grow your cannabis. The trimming process might be entirely mysterious for you, and you might think that it’s impossible to do.

But, we can assure you that it isn’t and that in fact, anyone with the right knowledge can do it without any issues. Before we dive into the process itself, let’s talk more about why it is beneficial and why it’s one of the most important steps towards a perfect bud.

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Why Should You Trim Your Cannabis?

We advocate how trimming is essential, but we still have to prove why it is. There are several reasons you should opt for trimming, and all of them are equally important:

Better appearance

 It’s evident that plants that are nurtured and “manicured” have a better impression than the ones which aren’t. This is also profoundly connected to the overall health and appealing of the plant. Put yourself in the shoes of a buyer. Which bud would you pick to buy from an online dispensary? The one which isn’t trimmed and has leaves poking around the bud, or the one which is neatly trimmed and groomed? We think that the answer is apparent and when it comes to selling goods to customers, apart from the quality of them, the appearance is the second most important thing.

Better smell

Some people don’t love the smell of weed and would instead pick the one which has some aroma to it. But, we think that there isn’t anything better than the good old weed smell that confirms to you that the weed you are just about to smoke is extraordinary. For trimmed plants, this smell is more emphasized than for the ones that aren’t trimmed. The ones that aren’t cut often have a hay smell which isn’t appealing and makes you question whether the weed is good or not.

Learn How To Trim Cannabis at 420Sixty.com! At 420sixty we cover the basics of wet trimming, dry trimming and the best way to trim cannabis.

Better for your throat

It isn’t a secret that leaves or cannabis are a lot harsher on your throat than the

rest of the plant is. It becomes even more apparent if you’re a newbie user and you can’t get your breath after only one smoke. Trimming the leaves of your weed makes it way smoother for smoking and vaping, which means you can enjoy it a lot more.


Higher THC concentration

It has been proven that the level of THC in the leaves of cannabis plants isn’t as high as in the other parts of the plant. This means that after trimming it, you’ll have more THC concentration per gram and thus, you’ll get more for your money.

Different Trimming Methods for Cannabis: Wet Trim vs Dry Trim


When it comes to trimming methods, there are two different ways of doing so—wet and Dry trim. Now, many people use them both, and we can’t say which one is better – it all comes to your personal preference. The critical difference between these two methods is that the trimming is done before/after drying cannabis buds.

Wet trim is done before the cannabis has dried and the buds are still “wet”. In contrast, dry trimming is done after the drying, and the cannabis buds are as dry as they can get. There are a few key points you should know before picking the right

method for you.

Learn How To Trim Cannabis at 420Sixty.com! At 420sixty we cover the basics of wet trimming, dry trimming and the best way to trim cannabis.

You should dry trim cannabis if:

  •  low humidity,
  • want for the buds to be denser,

For wet trimming cannabis:

  • You have very high humidity (over 60%)
  •  buds to dry more quickly
  • A lot of buds drying at the same time in a small diameter;

What Do You Do After You Trim Cannabis?

If you trimmed your buds the right way and dried them out, we can say that you’re halfway through the process. The next step in the ladder is curing, a process which is often referred to as the longest and the one which ensures that your cannabis stays fresh, good looking, and highly potent. It will also ensure that your buds don’t get moldy and if fact if done correctly, curing can make your buds stay fresh for more than a year!


In the meantime, hopefully, you understood why we trim cannabis As well as what are different methods you can utilize in order to get the most out of your plant.