Do you want to get the most from your weed? The answer could be the fastest-growing category in cannabis: concentrates. Concentrates offer a more potent high and come in various forms to suit any preference. There are plenty of benefits to cannabis concentrates as well! Here we’ll look at some of the different types of cannabis concentrates and extracts, including oils, shatter, and resin. We will also get into the effects of concentrates and how to use them. Plus, keep scrolling to find out the not-so-secret ways of making cannabis concentrates.

What Are Cannabis Concentrates

Anyone using cannabis concentrates should understand exactly what they are. Where do they come from and what do they do? Actually; it’s pretty simple! Let’s dive in. Concentrates are derived from cannabis flowers. The concentrated substance is processed into various forms that can be consumed in a variety of ways. That’s right – you don’t have to smoke it! Concentrates are the useful parts of cannabis (the flavours, smells, and effects) without the flower, leaf, stem, or other materials that are typically discarded or burned. Essentially, it’s the essence of the plant. There is a wide range of concentrates to choose from— check out our menu and see for yourself! At XpressGrass, we provide extracts, shatter, oils and resin available with fast and convenient direct shipping. But have you ever wondered what the difference is between ‘extracts’ and ‘concentrates’?

Cannabis Extracts Explained

So you might be thinking, ‘Alright, makes sense so far. But what about extracts? Aren’t those the same thing as concentrates?’ Well, you’re not wrong. There are various types of weed extracts, which are specific types of concentrate. So yes, while all extracts are concentrates, not all concentrates are extracts! Extracts remove the trichomes (which contain the cannabinoids and terpenes) of the cannabis plant using solvents and can come in many different forms, including oils, resin, distillate, and shatter. On the other hand, concentrates gather the trichomes without solvents through mechanical separation or through other means. Examples of non-solvent concentrates are rosin, dry sift, and the ever-so-popular hash. Since extracts are processed cannabis products, they contain higher quantities of terpenes and cannabinoids such as THC and CBD. This is why concentrates provide a more potent high than regular flowers.

  • Cannabinoids – a chemical compound found in cannabis. Cannabinoids interact with molecules naturally present in the body to create a wide variety of effects. Some examples of cannabinoids include THC, CBD, CBDA, THCA, and CBN.
  • Terpenes – the molecules found in cannabis and many other plants that create unique aromas. Terpene content is what distinguishes the scent and taste of each type/strain of weed.

Benefits of Cannabis Concentrates

‘What are the benefits?’, you may be asking with a perfectly good joint in hand. While smoking flower has many of its own benefits, concentrates or extracts can offer an entirely new (and elevated) experience to cannabis use. Benefits such as these:

  • Totally Smoke-Free – While you can add concentrates to smoking methods, you can also consume extracts with a vaporizer or other methods of ingesting sans fumes.
  • Less is More – Think of concentrated liquid vanilla used for baking. A tiny drop adds a ton of flavour and aroma. Cannabis concentrates similarly have a higher potency ratio, making achieving your desired high much more efficient.
  • Better Inhale – With high-quality oils and extracts, inhales feel clean and smooth. You’re consuming the essence of the plant, after all.
  • Bioavailability Experience – Because of the high bioavailability, concentrates allow you to feel the effects of the cannabinoids faster – sometimes instantly. The effects can also last longer – up to three hours. However, this varies as the rate of absorption into your body is different for everyone.

Types of Cannabis Concentrates

When it comes to cannabis concentrates, there are many different forms to experiment with. You may hear people talking about shatter, oil, resin or other formats in the long list of concentrates. Read about these types of concentrates below, so that you can easily join in on the conversation. You might even be able to recommend some of the best concentrates in Canada. Wouldn’t you like to be the expert on cannabis concentrates?


Depending on its properties and method of extraction, shatter can have different appearances. Shatter can usually be identified by its brittle, glass-like consistency and golden yellow or bright amber colouring. When done right, shatter can actually be really beautiful. Shatter is really popular, not only for its good looks but also because it is much higher in potency than flower and some other extracts, ranging from 50-90% THC! Here are the three popular brands of shatter available through XpressGrass.

  • Jungle Ridge – The perfect shatter for dabs. Described as ‘snappy sunshine,’ the Jungle Ride shatter has great colouring and is the perfect extract for a chill day with friends, relaxing during a movie, or getting some restful sleep. You’ll experience a light, floral flavour that’s available in a balanced hybrid, indica, or sativa-dominant strain.
  • Lucky Extracts – Made by a small company that keeps it simple: find clean, reliably potent shatter at an affordable price. Lucky Extracts gives a great high and comes in a variety of flavours like Tahoe OG, Gelato #33, and Blue Fin.
  • Diamond Concentrates – A brand known for its quality and high standards. These products are lab tested for THC and CBD levels and carefully selected based on their aroma, flavour, appearance and effects leaving you with high terpene profiles and impurity-free shatter.

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Oil Extracts

Oil extracts are one of the more versatile cannabis concentrates. There are so many ways to use them – they can be added into joints, vaped, made into edibles, or eaten straight! Full extract cannabis oil is highly potent so you need a much smaller dose compared to flowers. With oils, you can often read the exact THC and CBD levels on the packaging, allowing you to more accurately measure your dose than with regular flower. Consuming cannabis oil and distillate can also offer a more potent high than regular cannabis plants. If you’re shopping around for cannabis oil, you’re likely to run into two kinds, CBD and THC.

  • CBD Oil – It refers to a non-psychoactive, non-intoxicating product. It’s commonly used to treat pain, anxiety, or medical ailments. You’ll also find it sold as a tincture or sometimes as a capsule.
  • THC Oil – Simply put, THC oil is the one that will get you high. THC oil is an intoxicating product used medically and to give euphoric effects. THC-infused oils can come in lots of forms outlined here.

Here are some great options for cannabis oil available through XPG:

  • Cherry Oil by Dark Side Labs is made by a family-owned business of long-time growers in Canada using butane-extracted and charcoal-filtered cannabis oils. The results are flavourful, clear and contain between 65-70% THC.
  • Honey Oil by Oro is made through a proprietary system that leaves unique terpene profiles intact. Whether you smoke, vape, eat edibles or use it as a topical, it’s the most affordable way to add a little Honey Oil into your life.

Live Resin / FSE

Live resin extracts are so popular because you get all the benefits of cannabis concentrate without sacrificing the unique smell and taste of the cannabis strain. It maintains its aromatic qualities because it is cured from fresh, “live” cannabis plants that have been flash frozen rather than dried. That unique scent and experience of the cannabis strain are completely preserved for your enjoyment!

What is FSE?

Live resin is a type of FSE (Full Spectrum Extract) that aims to preserve the plant’s organic compounds as much as possible without alterations. There are two main types of FSE:

  • HTFSE – High Terpene Full-Spectrum Extract prioritizes terpenes and focuses on the taste and flavour of the cannabis strain with a typical 50% THC and 13-40% terpene. The texture is a grainy, saucy, runny blend.
  • HCFSE – High Cannabinoid Full-Spectrum Extract is packed with cannabinoids, up to 90% THC and will get you very high. The texture will resemble diamonds or sugar. If you’re considering weed concentrate prices, this is something to look out for to get the most pack for your stack.

If you’re looking to experience the full effects of FSE, check out Diamonds by KleerX available through XpressGrass. This quartz-like concentrate has exceptional flavours and aromas that will surely tingle your senses. Proceed with caution!

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Live Resin vs Rosin

What about Live Resin vs Rosin? Are they the same thing? Not exactly. Although live resin and rosin are both extracts made from fresh plant matter, the main difference (aside from a vowel) is how they’re created – i.e. the method of extraction of chemicals from the cannabis plant.

Live Resin

A solvent-based concentrate extracted from fresh, flash-frozen plant matter.


Made from fresh plant matter, rosin is made using heat and pressure to force out the terpenes and cannabinoids instead of extracting them using a solvent. That’s why it’s considered a ‘solventless’ concentrate. Rosin can also be made into a full-melt bubble hash before being pressed into its final form. Check out these awesome Resin / FSE options available with speedy direct shipping or same-day delivery through XpressGrass:

  • Live Resin by High Voltage – a connoisseur-grade extract made from fresh cannabis flowers. This resin offers users an experience in the unique aromas and psychoactive properties of each plant with a great taste and clean burn. XPG carries Live Resin in fun flavours like Watermelon Breath, Grape God, Rockstar Tuna, and more.
  • Diamonds by KleerX – a high-cannabinoid full spectrum extract (HCFSE) that retains all the great taste and strength of the plant and strain. Choose between Ice Cream Cake, Gelato, Blue Diesel and many more to come.


Tinctures, a product with the texture and consistency of oily liquids, are slightly different with varying potency and effects. Made by dissolving the cannabis extract in oil or alcohol, tinctures can be used for various recreational or medicinal purposes. You’ll usually see them sold in small glass jars with a dropper attached to the lid.

  • CBD Tinctures contain CBD with little to no THC and offer treatment for daily pains, inflammation, and anxiety without the “high” of the THC.
  • THC Tinctures are on the other end of the spectrum, available in both indica (calming effects) or sativa (energizing effects).

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How To Use Cannabis Concentrates

What’s your preference? With cannabis concentrates, there are so many ways to use them that there’s bound to be a method that works for you. There are concentrates that you can smoke, eat, dab, apply topically or vaporize. Concentrates can be used independently or added to cannabis flowers for an extra kick. You can try adding a drop of concentrate oil to your rolled joints or sprinkling it into your bowl. Just like throwing a drop of tasty, spicy hot sauce onto an already bomb burrito!


What’s with all the hype about vaping as a way to use cannabis oil? The most common way to use cannabis oil is with portable vaporizers or vape pens. This is a great option for new and veteran cannabis users alike as it’s super easy, convenient, and discreet. There’s no pungent odour, and the smell dissipates quicker than with smoking. Seriously low-key! Vaping also gives your lungs a break since you’re not inhaling any smoke or burning anything. A cannabis oil vape pen works by using a tiny heating element and a battery. They’re ideal for people who are often on the go since you can take them anywhere. Vaporizer cartridges use a battery, are portable and are easy to dose with oil. They’re a bit like an e-cigarette but with cannabis. Plus, many are reusable – you’re welcome, mother nature.

If you’re new to vaping, XpressGrass has a Vape Kit that includes everything you need to get your vape game on (Full-Spectrum Organic CO2 Oil Cartridge, Premium pen-style vape battery, and USB Charger). Experienced vapers also love the CO2 Oil Cartridges (SUPERDANK). Vaping is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to use cannabis. Whether in the privacy of your own home, at a gathering with friends, or out in public, vaping allows you to reap the benefits of cannabis extracts without the whole world knowing your business. As a major plus, vaping can be relaxing – almost like an act of zen meditation.


Certain types of concentrated cannabis oil can be mixed with food products such as butter or glycerin and consumed orally. You’ve probably heard of edibles, which are becoming more and more popular due to their great taste and strength. Don’t forget about the classic “magic or hash brownies”. What’s important to remember is that with homemade edibles, it’s sometimes difficult to measure your exact dosage. Check out these great options for cannabis gummies and chocolate from XpressGrass, and make sure to check out the XpressGrass blog post on dosing cannabis edibles. Both newbies and experienced cannabis users can also consider giving tinctures a try. Tinctures are great because they’re easy to use. Just add a few drops under your tongue using the dropper lid. You may also want to look into using tinctures topically – a growing trend with plenty of benefits of its own.

Dabbing / Dab Rig

Sometimes called a dab rig or simply dabs, dabbing is another method for using concentrates. The concentrate is placed on a heated surface (usually a heated nail made of glass or titanium), and as it melts, it turns to vapour, which you then inhale. You can also heat live resin for dabbing. The trick here is to vaporize the resin by heating it to around 315 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the ideal temperature for live resin dabbing that will provide the full effects of the cannabinoids without cooking off the terpenes. Dabbing can result in a very intense high – so make sure you’re ready for that.

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Making Concentrates

Still unclear on all that botanical science behind cannabis concentrates? The method of extracting THC from weed to create concentrates can sound like something reserved for the labs at NASA. But it’s really not that complicated! Here’s a little “how it’s made” on making cannabis concentrates to shed some light on the process. The process of cannabis concentrate extraction is pretty simple in theory. The cannabis plant is mixed with CO2 or a solvent such as butane. The solvent strips the cannabinoids and terpenes (the good stuff) from the plant matter, leaving all the unwanted leaves, flowers, stems, fat and waxes behind.

  • Making Solvent Concentrates – involves extracting Cannabinoids and Terpenes with a chemical solvent like butane. The plant’s trichomes are collected using the solvent. This method is standard for making cannabis oils, resins, and shatter.
  • Making Non-Solvent Concentrates – such as hash is a little different and involves using heat or pressure instead of a solvent. Tinctures are also made without solvents by dissolving the extracted cannabis chemicals in oils or alcohols for oral consumption.


Cannabis concentrates can offer cannabis users a totally new experience. From higher potency with stronger and quicker psychoactive effects to low-key vaping, using concentrates such as extracts, oils, shatter, and resin allows users to get the most out of their cannabis. There are many ways to use cannabis concentrates, such as vaping, ingesting and dabbing. Understanding the different types and methods of using concentrates will help you know what to look for when shopping for your desired experience. Not to mention you’ll sound quite knowledgeable when anyone brings up vaping or cannabis oils.

No matter how you decide to experience concentrates, you’re in for a treat. If you’re entirely new to weed, or if you’re looking to try something a little different, check out XpressGrass’ extensive online collection of concentrates. You can browse through different cannabis products and have them delivered to you on the same day or shipped directly to you – no hassle or long wait times. Cannabis concentrates are the future of weed consumption, with new products and extraction methods being developed all the time. What are you waiting for? Visit XpressGrass today to experience a new cannabis journey.