If you’re searching for natural pain relief, you may be considering cannabis, given all the hype surrounding the plant’s medical benefits. As cannabis legalization continues to expand globally, many people are now using marijuana for pain relief and other chronic conditions.

This focus on the medical benefits of cannabis makes sense, especially since legalizing cannabis in a medical capacity is often the first step towards legalizing it altogether. It’s what happened here, after all. Medical cannabis was legalized in Canada in 2001, and recreational cannabis followed in 2018- and one of the most common reasons for turning to cannabis is pain relief.

Now, cannabis is easier to get than ever, and you no longer need a prescription to self-medicate. In this article, we examine the connections between marijuana and pain relief, and we’ll help you choose a strain and consumption method that’s suitable for your requirements and preferences.


How Does Weed Help with Pain?

So, how exactly does weed help individuals find the pain relief they seek? Our understanding of the science behind marijuana’s pain-relieving properties is still in its infancy. As cannabis is only recently gaining favourable legal status worldwide, research into its medicinal properties has a lot of catching up to do compared to other medicines.

Evidence suggests that marijuana has anti-inflammatory benefits, which may explain some aspects of its pain-relieving capabilities. There’s also evidence to suggest that weed can help with nerve pain, as outlined in a key study assessing the effects of smoking cannabis with a pipe among individuals who suffer from chronic nerve pain.

Not only is there evidence that consuming marijuana can help with pain relief; there’s also evidence that suggests cannabis can improve sleep and mindfulness.

One of the many reasons weed is becoming so popular for pain relief is the severe side effects of prescription drugs, particularly painkillers.

Traditionally, many people have used opioids for pain relief. In recent years, the full extent of the opioid crisis has been laid bare in North America, as the dependence on this dangerous painkiller has led to long-term drug addictions and overdoses in many parts of the world.

Cannabis, on the other hand, is a much safer substance with far fewer health risks.

So if you’re searching for a natural option for pain management, cannabis is certainly worth considering, and it won’t cost you an arm, leg or your life.


THC or CBD for Pain?

If you’re searching for the best weed for pain relief, you might see the terms “THC” and “CBD” used a lot when referencing cannabis. These are the two most prominent cannabinoids (chemical compounds unique to cannabis), although over a hundred have been identified so far.

There’s a huge difference between THC and CBD.

If you’re searching for the psychoactive “high” most commonly associated with cannabis use, THC is the compound for you. The high can from THC can induce feelings of euphoria, which can help improve your mood, and it can help reduce pain and nausea.

Alternatively, CBD is growing increasingly popular as a holistic medicine without the mind-altering high of THC. CBD can help with chronic pain from arthritis, and it can reduce epileptic seizures. CBD also shows promise in helping people with Type 1 diabetes by easing pancreatic inflammation, and as a topical, it can help with skin conditions like acne by regulating sebum production.

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Entourage Effect

As cannabis producers become more skilled at separating the properties of marijuana plants, the demand for concentrated forms of cannabis increases. You can now access pure CBD or pure THC products that have removed the flavonoids, terpenes, plant matter, and everything else from the equation.

While this is thought to have benefits for cannabis users seeking a particular attribute, many people believe that by separating the cannabis plant into individual components, you lose out on the Entourage Effect, a theory in which the cannabis compounds interact synergistically to produce greater benefits than if taken on their own.

For this reason, it’s worth considering the other cannabinoids (in addition to CBD and THC), terpenes, and flavonoids.

By focusing on the whole plant, you unlock benefits that only occur when the plant’s elements interact with one another.

A recent study suggested that the terpenoids in cannabis may provide anti-inflammatory benefits to users, and some terpenes like pinene and linalool are great for aromatherapy.


What Types of Strains are Best for Pain?

If you’re considering marijuana for pain management, you might be wondering: What weed is best for pain? The good news is that many different strains can help individuals manage their pain. Let’s explore some of the most popular ones in greater detail.

Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush is a helpful cannabis strain for those seeking pain relief and better sleep. If you need help getting to sleep because of pain, look no further. Many people use Bubba Kush purely for its sleep-related benefits, but it has recently emerged as a popular choice for pain relief as well.


Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a popular strain that mixes Blueberry and Haze. This combination helps reduce pain but can also treat the anxiety associated with long-term pain issues. If you want a strain that impacts both mind and body, you can’t go wrong with Blue Dream.


White Widow

White widow is an excellent cannabis strain for those who want an enjoyable high and moderate pain relief. As this strand is primarily indica, it provides a strong high that can relieve pains, aches, and other physical problems.

White Widow is also an excellent strand for those whose pain prevents them from sleeping. This strand can help you improve your sleep cycles and achieve better rest.


Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is one of the best weed strains for pain because it provides relief without drowsiness. As this is a sativa strain, it energizes you and therefore distracts you from your pain while allowing you to be productive at the same time.


Northern Lights

Northern Lights is one of the most potent strains for pain relief but comes at a cost. While the high concentration of indica in this strain helps your body combat pain, you won’t be up for much socializing if you smoke this particular cannabis.

If pain relief is your only priority, Northern Lights is a solid option—but it’s best to take it only when you have the time and space to relax. That’s why it’s often considered a top choice among strains of weed for chronic pain.

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Marijuana for Pain FAQ

If you have any additional questions about marijuana and pain relief, read on to learn more about the pros and cons.


What is the Entourage Effect?

The “entourage effect” is a term used to describe how the many compounds in cannabis work with each other to bring about more unique and beneficial effects than on their own.

While many modern cannabis users seek isolates, concentrates, distillates, and other intense cannabis products, some believe it’s better to consume cannabis in its original form.

This has led to the idea of ‘whole plant’ therapy, where we try to capture the same ratio of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids as they exist naturally in the plant.

While it’s tempting to access high concentrations of THC and CBD, isolating these compounds removes the terpenes, flavonoids, and other elements in the cannabis plant and can deprive you of the modulating effects of the entourage effect.


Does Marijuana Relieve All Types of Pain?

Unfortunately, no pain relief method works for everyone or for everything. The impact of cannabis on your pain will depend on a variety of factors. There are no guarantees that marijuana will work for your specific problems.

While it’s common for people to search for the best weed for back pain and other specific pains, it’s best to experiment with small doses of different strains to determine what works best for you.


Is There Proof That Marijuana Acts as an Anti-Inflammatory?

Yes. While the research on marijuana’s pain-relieving abilities still has a long way to go, there is significant evidence to suggest that marijuana can, and does, act as an anti-inflammatory. Many studies have successfully shown a link between cannabis and anti-inflammatory properties.

One recent study even suggests that the non-psychoactive parts of cannabis may also contribute to anti-inflammation. Beta-caryophyllene, a terpene and essential cannabis oil, is thought to help protect the body from inflammation.

If you believe that your pain is due to inflammatory issues, you might want to seriously consider the anti-inflammatory benefits of cannabis.


Can You Get Pain Relief from Non-Smoking Methods of Marijuana Consumption?

While taking a natural pain reliever sounds like a good idea, some people don’t enjoy the process of smoking marijuana. There’s no doubt that smoking weed can be intense for someone who isn’t used to inhaling smoke. Fortunately, there are now numerous effective ways to consume marijuana for pain.

Many people now choose to consume edibles for pain relief. One may purchase brownies, cookies, gummies, and a range of other tasty treats. Vaping marijuana is another excellent alternative if you want to smoke cannabis flowers without the nuisance of traditional smoke.

There are also topical CBD treatments marketed for the relief of joint pain and other localized pain issues. The best kind of weed for pain relief will depend on your pain, preferences, and ingestion method of choice.


Is Using Cannabis for Pain Relief Dangerous?

While some people can develop cannabis dependencies, marijuana is much safer to use than other medicines. No one has ever died from a cannabis overdose, so you don’t need to worry about acute medical issues when using cannabis for pain relief.

While there are indications that cannabis can trigger psychosis in vulnerable people, its other side effects are much less destructive than those of opiates and other prescription painkillers. Given the country’s current opioid epidemic, marijuana is a safe alternative for managing pain.


Try Marijuana for Pain Relief Today!

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