How to Infuse Cannabis With Yoga

Weed, marijuana, ganja all mean one thing- cannabis. By definition, cannabis is a tall herb with grayish flowers that are often smoked or ingested in edibles. The reasons why people consume this plant are genuinely different depending on the percentage of THC and CBD. Tetrahydrocannabinol ( THC) is responsible for the “high” since it is the main active component of this plant. Higher THC levels mean that the strain is more potent, leading to a healthier and more enduring influence. On the other hand, CBD will not get you high. However, it has some other effects like pain relief and insomnia prevention.

Many cultures used cannabis for meditation, sex, and other activities, including India, China, and all highly developed civilizations. There are numerous problems with exploring marijuana’s history and influence on the modern world, mostly because many perceive this plant as a harmful drug—a reason why it is banned globally and marked as an illegal substance. Luckily things changed, and recently some countries started to recognize its pharmaceutical potential, including Austria, Spain, The United States of America, The Czech Republic, Switzerland, and many more. The legalization and decriminalization of this controversial plant finally allowed access to the scientific community.

Recent studies point out marijuana’s positive effects, and one of them is improved meditation alongside relaxation of mind and body, making it perfect for yoga lovers.Cannabis Massage Therapy is the new craze with lots of things to learn! Check out our Cannabis Massage article on and order your oils today!

How do Yoga and Marijuana Mix?

Well, yogis are a specific group of people undoubtedly looking for a stress-relieving experience- the first crossing point of marijuana and yoga since marijuana heightens the spiritual connection with nature and the cosmos itself. The first yoga practice didn’t have so many poses like today, and some Indian testaments and books claim that yogis considered marijuana very beneficial. They believed that deep breathing was the key to a meaningful yoga practice. Many experts claim that marijuana consumption helps relax the humans’ airway making it easier to breathe better.

Some reported that smoking marijuana helps their focus and clearing the mind from any thoughts and worries- a must if you are into yoga. Cannabis encourages you to get in touch with your true self and boosts your meditative abilities alongside heightened mind and body relaxation.

Recent studies showed that smoking marijuana before your yoga practice might be particularly beneficial for people who have a hard time relaxing and focusing on breathing due to their stressful and busy lifestyle.

Pros and cons of Cannabis with Yoga

Essential advantages of combining marijuana and yoga are relaxation, increased focus, and mindfulness, mostly because you are already relaxed even before you start. Some yogis also offer yoga practices that include smoking marijuana, especially in the US. These innovative courses imply that you should do yoga with your eyes closed since the accent is on you and not how others do their poses. It is becoming a quite popular trend globally, highlighting your true selves. We must mention that these practices are entirely legit and only exist in places where marijuana is legal. Ganja yoga is often described as happy, full of laughter, and ranges in types, including couple yoga, conversation yoga, group yoga, and many more. For those who view marijuana as a medicine and don’t experience adverse side effects, ganja yoga may be the next best thing.

However, some report certain disadvantages since everyone experiences things differently. One of the main difficulties revolves around unstable individuals who may form an addiction alongside paranoia and fear. Also, some do not want to ingest marijuana by smoking since they find the process unpleasant. On the other hand, edibles are a thing too, but be aware that marijuana ingested in this way needs more time to react, and its a different high. We are all different, and with the right research and self-reflection, you will quickly decide whether yoga and weed are suitable for you.

The Right Strain and The Right Practice

Another important factor is choosing the right strain. As said before, yoga practices that involve weed are only available in countries where pot is legal. Accordingly, you can explore the market and research on THC percentage. Keep in mind that picking the right strain can be crucial since higher levels of THC do bring more risks when it comes to controlling your mindset, while lower THC percentage may only make you aroused and not relaxed. Choose an optimal combination of active components and enjoy the ride. It might take a while for you to find a particular strain for you, so have patience.

Also, choosing the right practice is as important as everything else. Experiment and try multiple groups or even doing yoga alone if your home is the place where you will feel best.

All in all, yoga and marijuana have been present for a long time now, making it easier for us to perceive them both separately and complementary. Most studies highlight marijuana’s potential for muscle relaxation, increased mindfulness, and being calm and in touch with everything around you. For those who seek something out of the ordinary yet useful and stress relieving, infusing yoga with weed may be the right choice, but everybody should explore this concept individually. Tell us what you think in the comments and remember this list is not definite; hence feel free to add your thoughts and ideas.