Suppose you’re planning on visiting Paris to walk the old cobbled streets in the moonlight. Maybe you want to sit on a beach in Spain and gaze into the horizon to try and grasp how beautifully massive the ocean is. Hell, perhaps you want to go to Texas and walk through the desert, get connected with the old west. Maybe you want to do all of these things, but on a tremendous high. Hey, we’re not judging you. But the police might, so we did some research to give you the info on traveling and tripping at the same time. Let’s roll through itCannabis and Travel are two important topics when it comes to keeping yourself safe! Check out our run down on for tips on Cannabis and Travel..

International travel guidelines

Let’s get it out of the way first, if you got your stash, keep it home. Travelling with your weed in your pockets (hey you never know when you got to relax a little) is a pretty significant risk. Sure we’ll give you tips and tricks, rule numero uno for international tripping is – if it isn’t legal there you’re probably a drug smuggler, and we don’t want that. Research the country’s that you’re going to be staying at, and if it isn’t legal, don’t do it.

Some places are more relaxed than others (think The Netherlands etc.), so a bit of googling could be an essential part of your travels. If you use marijuana for medical purposes, you’re going to have a better chance of someone looking the other way, as long as you can prove that it is for medicinal purposes, so keep any sort of documents with you at all times.


Every country has its law’s. Now, as we’re saying that, you might be thinking that you’ll have to learn a bunch of laws and’ rules if you’re planning on going backpacking through Europe, but no, it’s not that complicated. But you will have to look up some simple things and check some boxes.
Is cannabis legal in the country in which you’re planning to go? That’s first and foremost.

Is cannabis legal in the countries that you might be flying over or going through?
This is as important as the first one. Say you’re going by train from a legal-to-smoke place to another legal-to-smoke place. Great! But you’ve got to go through a no-go country? Well, my friend, you just might stay in the middle of that trip, and you might remain on criminal charges. So let us repeat our most important rule. KEEP YOUR STASH HOME.
But say you want to carry your stuff.


This is for those of us who just can’t risk it with buying drugs in a different country. Sometimes you’ve got to be sure that you’ve packed! How much cannabis you possess can determine if you get through customs and borders quickly or well, not so easy. This can, much like everything else here, vary from country to country, so you might want to check up on the grams per state, and we mean it. Oh, and watch The Midnight Express if you haven’t already. Just for the fun of it, trust us.

Now it’s not all no’s here, for instance in the USA while travelling, you’re probably going to encounter the TSA at some point, but worry not, the TSA has publicly stated that they will not stop people that have been caught with cannabis in their possession. See, their main concern is that the planes stay safe and that everybody gets from point A to point B alive. With that being said they do have the right to call the cops on you, and wait for them to come, which, if you’re in a state that prohibits cannabis in this day and age, you probably will, and we’re repeating ourselves here, stay on criminal charges.


Now that we told you fifteen times that you shouldn’t travel while carrying a possible jail sentence in your bag or pocket let’s get some travel tips up in here.

If you find that you accidentally bought some weed with you to the airport or any other station, basically get rid of it. Find a trash can, call a friend to pick it up, heck, find a hiding place and hope for the best when you return.
Research the town you’re staying in for some shops, check reviews and get informed, might sound boring but you don’t want to ruin your vacation with some bad trips.
If you use medical marijuana, keep documents that can prove it (in the USA that would be a marijuana ID card). But know that sometimes those papers are going to be meaningless. If a country or state prohibits cannabis, you can have all the paperwork you want, the drugs are not getting in, and neither are you.

How about we go through some cannabis safe countries (so you can go through them too):
  • CANADA – The maple people legalised it in full, so this is a no brainer, start a farm for all they care.
  • The USA – The land of freedom is not entirely safe, really depends on the state, but the TSA will most likely look the other way if you got small amounts on you.
  • MEXICO – If you got up to 5 grams (that’s 0.176 oz for the Americans) you’re free to travel. Just don’t go over that and in god’s name don’t try to sell it.
  • BELIZE – Up to 10 grams (0.353 oz) is free of charge.
  • COSTA RICA – While it is illegal in Costa Rica, there are no penalties, and it’s widespread to light one up on the beach.
  • JAMAICA – Well, Jamaica.
  • ARGENTINA – Fun fact, Argentina is the first country to start giving medical marijuana for free. We’re just saying.
  • COLOMBIA – Make sure you don’t go over 20 grams (0.705 oz), and you’re fine).
  • ECUADOR – They are beautiful with you smoking. But dont go over 10 grams (0.353z oz)
  • PERU – No growing, no selling and keep your consumption discrete, but yeah light it up.
  • URUGUAY – If you’re over 18. you can buy whatever you need at the pharmacy.
  • CAMBODIA – Is it illegal here? Yes. But it’s embedded in the culture and cheap, so knock yourself out.
  • LAOS – Illegal, but not enforced. Nobody is going to bother you but being safe don’t go lighting up while walking on the street.
  • NORTH KOREA – Is it legal, we think so. Honestly, you can never be sure because you know.. North Korea.
  • BELGIUM – Up to 3 grams (0.106 oz) and keep it discreet.
  • ITALY – You could get into a bit of trouble, like paying a fine or having your ID (passport) taken away for some time. But if it’s an emergency, keep low and go for it.
  • PORTUGAL – Up to 25 grams (0.882 oz) is excellent. Soooo.. yeah.
  • Switzerland – Don’t go overboard with the amount on you, other than that.
  • CROATIA – Yes.
  • THE CZECH REPUBLIC – You’re fine up to 15 grams (0.529 oz), and they got some quality medical stiff if you have money to spend and the documents.
  • ESTONIA – Keep it under 7.5 grams (0.265 oz), and keep an eye out if you don’t want to pay a fine.
  • RUSSIA – You would think Putin will send you to Siberia or something if you’re caught with drugs on you. But think again. Up to 6 grams (0.212 oz) and you’re fine. Bring your medical papers if you got them and you’ll be free as a bird.
  • UKRAINE – Up to 5 grams (0.176 oz).
  • AUSTRALIA – If you got medical papers you set, if not you’re still set, just not THAT much. No jail time no fines if you’re caught, so…

So those are some excellent places to travel, let us just give a kind of warning for the other type of sites. If you’re going to:

  • OMAN
  • UAE
  • IRAN
  • CUBA

DO NOT, let us repeat it, DO NOT carry cannabis or any other type of drug under any circumstance. The penalties range from jail time and life imprisonment to death penalties.


So we’ve given you some great locations and some not so great locations. Keep an eye out, plan your trip well and be smart. You don’t have to carry your stuff while travelling. Do some googling, get settled in your hotel, order some of that foreign smoke, and stay safe and as high as you want.