Looking for things to do when high? We’ve all been there. Doing nothing is totally okay, especially if you want to chill or be alone with your thoughts because sometimes, there’s nothing better than sitting down in front of the TV for your first sesh after a long day.

Whether you smoke daily or occasionally, you probably have a routine when you get high—enjoying some quality time to yourself, hanging out with friends, watching cartoons, or ordering junk food.

While there’s nothing wrong with this pattern, and they’re stoner classics for a reason, there are plenty of other activities that could benefit from a little weed enhancement if only you’d give them a try.

So if you feel like being more active, there are many great things to do when high. Whether you want to do something creative by yourself or relax with friends, we’ve compiled a list of some fun activities to do when under the influence of THC.


Things to Do When You’re High and Home Alone


1. Play Video Games


What to do online when high? Play video games, of course! Even when you’re not stoned, video games are fun to play. Now imagine the feeling of playing your favourite game while high and home alone. Being stoned adds a further dimension to the gaming experience, and with the effects and colourful graphics, it can be even trippier, and you might even see things in the game that you’ve never noticed before.

Put on a pair of headphones, click START, and immerse yourself in another world. We recommend you also play different video games to keep it fresh.


2. Start Writing


If writing is something you wouldn’t normally do, it might be fun to see what happens when you grab a pen and paper and write down your thoughts- it’s how this article started, after all!

You’ll never know until you try. Maybe you’ll write a bestseller or at least something cool enough to share with your friends when you aren’t stoned.

Perhaps you’ll find a way to express your emotions or write a personal letter to someone special. Writing is fun, and mind-expanding substances can help you get your creative juices flowing. It’s the perfect time to focus on your writing skills. You might just surprise yourself, too. Even if the writing itself doesn’t turn out well, it’s a great way to pass the time, and you’ll definitely enjoy the process of feeling like a true poet.

Writing is the perfect way to remember those brilliant and amazing thoughts you have when high- sometimes called “highdeas”- and if you write them down, you can see if they are still ingenious when you sober up, or if it was just the weed talking.

things to do when high

Things to Do When You’re High & With Friends


3. Pretend You’re on MasterChef


As fun as it is to chill at home by yourself, it’s also fun to get high with friends. At some point, you will get hungry and start to crave something savoury or sweet. Instead of ordering junk food, why not try something completely new.

There are so many exciting recipes you could try, from chocolate chip cookies to delicious pasta dishes. Every smell and taste will be fresh and exciting.

You might even make a contest out of it and choose a winner at the end. Bonus points for the person with the best Gordon Ramsay impression!

4. Play Weed Games


What to do when you’re high? Why not play some weed games? Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced weed consumer, playing weed games while stoned never goes out of style. They’re fun, free, and can strengthen bonds between friends. Here are a few games you might try when you and your friends are high.

  • Hold Your Smoke – To play this game, you need a sizable group of people. The more, the merrier. Gather in a circle and start puffing. The idea is to hold your smoke the longest until the joint comes back to you. If you can’t hold it, you’re out.
  • Bong Pong – A classic game, similar to beer pong. The difference is that you commemorate shots with a toke instead of a drink.
  • Never Have I Ever – You’ve probably already played this one as a drinking game. The rules are simple. You think of an interesting story and share it with your friends. There’s only one twist: if they guess correctly, instead of drinking, you have to take a hit of bud. If you don’t know what to do when high and bored, this is the perfect game to play with your friends.

For more stoner games ideas, check out this list.

5. Have a Movie Marathon


Let’s just say that some movies are more fun to watch when stoned. Whether your friends brought indica or sativa, what better opportunity for a long stoner movie marathon?

While you can go through the classics like Super Troopers, the Friday franchise, Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle, Grandma’s Boy, This is the End, Pineapple Express, and Half Baked; there are plenty of other comedies to explore.

things to do when high

What Not to Do When You’re High


Smoking pot and hanging out with friends is fun. There are, however, some things you should avoid. Here’s what not to do when high.

  • Mow the lawn – When high, you might feel energized and therefore occupy yourself with various things to keep you active. You can run, exercise, do yoga, clean, or cook, but you should avoid mowing the lawn and operating heavy machinery in general. The last thing you want is to tip the mower over and hurt yourself.
  • Drive a car – While under the influence of weed or other substances, it’s better to keep the car in the garage. Cops are always on the lookout for stoned drivers, and they are guaranteed to kill your buzz if they catch you.
  • Respond to work emails – Responding to work emails while high isn’t the smartest idea. Typos and grammar mistakes are common under the influence of marijuana, and you don’t want your boss or your colleagues to get the wrong idea.
  • Get a tattoo – If you’ve decided on a tattoo design while sober and want to get stoned to relax, go ahead. Otherwise, it’s better to wait and avoid making any stupid decisions.

There are many things to do while you’re high, but you also need to be careful about getting into trouble. Weed can enhance almost any experience, so there’s no reason to be bored. If you don’t know what to do when high, try one of these activities and enjoy the process.

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