There are a lot of questions to ask when searching for new bud. One of those questions is about the size— do you want small buds or big buds? Many people want to get the biggest, prettiest buds that they can, and they’ll pay through the nose for them. But then there are those who don’t care about having the prettiest or biggest buds; they just want to get a great deal on some great weed.

What many don’t know is that small buds are just as good as regular bud— but at a better price!

If you don’t believe us, then keep reading! We start by discussing the differences in bud size and why it happens, and as we get further into the details, you’ll learn all about the benefits of small buds and the straightforward, value-driven philosophy here at XpressGrass!


All Buds Aren’t Created Equal (in size anyway)

First of all, weed is weed. Small or big, you’re going to get high when you smoke it— and isn’t that the most important thing? Cannabis growers use all sorts of techniques to grow weed, and therefore all cannabis plants have different sizes of flowers. Typically, there are clusters of buds, which are called colas. All strains have colas, but the largest ones are usually concentrated at the top. The smaller ones at the bottom are sometimes called ‘popcorn buds’ because their size is similar to popcorn.

Cannabis plants grow in all different shapes and sizes. Some produce bigger buds than others, and while these larger ones are more appealing to the eyes, that’s about the only advantage. 

In reality, there is not much difference in potency, flavour, and smell since all of the buds, regardless of size, came from the same plant.

Why Do Buds Vary In Size?

The difference in bud size is decided primarily by where on the cannabis plant it flowered. Sunlight (or artificial light) access has a huge impact on bud size For example, on any given cannabis plant, there will be big flowers at the top and down the sides because that’s where it gets the most sunlight. The ones that flower closer to the stem and towards the bottom are usually the smallest. But here’s the great news: the buds are usually just as potent and smoke just as easily, no matter the size.

This blog isn’t going to go into great detail about the cultivation of cannabis as it is quite a complex subject. Suffice to say, growing weed is a complicated process with many different variables to take into account and not every plant is going to be perfect.

Here are the most common factors for tinier nugs on the plant itself:

  • Not enough sunlight
  • Overheating and/or High Humidity
  • Overcrowding or Overshading
  • Poor Watering or Feeding
  • Pests and Plagues
  • Improper Training

small buds

Larger Buds Are For ‘Bag Appeal’

Let’s face it. Advertising rules our lives. Television, magazines, and especially the internet are always telling us what to buy. Countless pictures, videos, and blog posts are created every day with the sole purpose of selling you something. And cannabis is no different.

Many online weed stores showcase their biggest nugs from their top sellers prominently on the front page of their website. Why? Because a great big sexy bud looks great to buy. And guess what happens to the price of something that looks good? Up, up, up. They jack the price right up in the hope that you buy it on instinct and blindly pay for their most expensive product.

We do it a bit differently here, so we’ll give it to you straight: big buds with ‘bag appeal’ means higher prices. We want to provide you with the best value possible by offering these great strains at a reduced price. Remember, there is nothing wrong with them— they will get you just as high— but for a better price.


Why Should You Buy Smaller Buds?

While those big beautiful nugs may seem like all the rage, there are actually some advantages of the smaller nugs:

  • More economical
    • It’s still great weed. You’ll get just as high but at a lower price.
  • Bigger buds have bigger stems
    • Many people forget this, but it’s an important economic factor: The larger the bud, the thicker the stem that has to hold it. Some larger buds can have stems that weigh up to 1g – and you’re paying by weight! Don’t waste your money away on ‘lumber’.
  • Big buds may be hiding something
    • The larger the bud, the more is hidden because they are denser, which might sound like a good thing, but it also means they will be harder to dry. This can lead to mould or other abnormalities hiding underneath the big, sexy exterior, effectively ruining your entire purchase. What you see is not always what you get.
  • Same taste and smell as the larger buds
    • You are still getting the strain name that you paid for. Big or small, you’re still getting all the cannabinoids, terpenes, and  flavours that you want and paid for.
  • Easier to use in different ways
    • Not only can you smoke them the same, they can also be more easily used to make other fun weed products such as edibles, concentrates, etc.


Why Shop Small Buds at Xpressgrass?

Buds of weed, like everything else, come in all shapes and sizes. Are smaller cars worthless simply because of their size? No. In fact, most people prefer smaller cars because they are economical and they fit their needs better. Sure, we might all want an enormous, expensive-looking Hummer, but we can’t always afford one.

The Small Buds section at Xpressgrass is your economical car. It’s the bud that will get you where you want to go at an amazingly affordable price.

Growers will often discount the smaller buds because they have less ‘bag appeal,’ not because they are unsellable. Understandably, they want to take the biggest and best buds and put them front and center. Does that mean you throw away the rest? No way! They have the same great flavour at the best possible price. While they may not be as photogenic, they’re just as good if you want the best bang for your buck!

So check out our menu and shop for small buds now!

small buds

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