Why Is Weed Purple?

Why Is Weed Purple? What makes purple weed? Find out the answer and also the best craft weed strains available in canada! Save 10% at 420Sixty.com If you’re a pot-lover, then you know that a beautiful, dark green color of your strain indicates that the weed is ready to be smoked and that you’re about to have a great time. And the Internet being the Internet, where information spreads fast, creates myths about specific types of weed. One of those is purple weed. Now, if you’re a rookie in the weed game, you might not know that strains can be other colours apart from green. They can be brown, dark brown, even black. And yes, they can often have a purple tint to them, although it’s not always a shiny purple color that you may think. It’s a dark color that resembles purple.

With that being said, many people fear that if weed turns purple, it’s not right, and you should stay away from it. In this article, we’ll see why exactly strains turn purple, what’s the science behind all of that, and whether the myth about purple weed is true or false. In the end, there’s a bonus waiting for you, make sure you read this article all the way.

Why Are Some Strains Purple Why Is Weed Purple? What makes purple weed? Find out the answer and also the best craft weed strains available in canada! Save 10% at 420Sixty.com

Weed doesn’t turn purple just because it likes that color. There’s a process behind all of this, and it’s a unique one, as you may think it goes in the world of nature. But let’s cut the story short, weed turns purple because of something called Anthocyanins. It’s a water-soluble pigment which is present in many plants – blueberries, for example. Now, the key thing to understand here is the fact that not all strains go purple. It depends from one type to another. You can look at this purple color as a switch of states.

Even if they are just plants, marijuana also “feels” changes in the weather throughout the year. When the fall ends, the plant feels that it’s getting colder, and thus, it kind of prepares for the time to come and let the pigment, or in this case, Anthocyanins, do their thing. The plant turns purple because it sorts of conserves energy for the colder time that’s ahead of them. This, of course, doesn’t mean that the strains which don’t turn purple will have a rough time in the winter. It all depends on the type of strain, and every single one of them reacts differently.

Myths About Purple Weed

When people see something that’s out of the ordinary, what do they do? Either they talk about it with their friends, talk about it online on forums or share it on social media. So, when people first saw purple weed, they didn’t go easy on it. They said a lot of things which aren’t exactly right and some of them are now well-established myths which you can find basically on every weed-related site or forum.

For experienced weed users, however, it doesn’t take more than 5 seconds to debunk these myths. Most people who fall onto these myths are the ones who start to smoke for the first time and don’t have a lot of contact with many types of strains. Since we know experienced cannabis lovers know everything about purple weed(and that it isn’t bad at all), this part of the article is aimed for rookies and people who just want to see whether all the myths they’ve heard are true or not.

First and foremost, purple weed doesn’t mean that the pot is bad. As we explained earlier, that’s just a change of state for a specific strain, and it doesn’t mean anything wrong. Some people say that purple weed is often more potent as it’s “older,” but yet again, that’s another myth. Many people say that since the strain doesn’t have it’s natural green color, it must be a hybrid or at least not natural in some way. This is also a myth, and now that you know that the weed turns purple just because of how nature works, you can be assured that purple grass is as natural as it gets.

In the end, the myth that purple weed will give you hallucinations is just ridiculous. There are some sorts of strains on which you can trip a bit harder and have some kind of illusions, but that’s utterly irrelevant to the color of the weed. So, if you want to smoke something, purple or not, do a bit of research first and see how potent the strain is.

Why Is Weed Purple? What makes purple weed? Find out the answer and also the best craft weed strains available in canada! Save 10% at 420Sixty.com

Top 3 Purple strains

Now that you know that purple weed isn’t something you should be afraid of, we must give you several purple strains that are prevalent nowadays. All of them are easily accessible, and you’ll have a good time on them, guaranteed.

Purple death star

Death star is one of those strains that every cannabis lover swears upon. It’s a delicious strain, and the purple color only adds up to the overall experience. Purple Death Star is suitable for newbies and long time users go back to it since it’s almost iconic. It’s not that powerful that it will destroy worlds, but it will give you a decent buzz, which builds up over time.

Purple space cookies

One of the most popular strains out there. It’s a mixture of different strains, but many people do it differently. For example, in British Canada, it’s a mix between Durban Poison and Girl Scout Cookies. In Canada, on the other hand, they use a completely different combination and call it the same – purple space cookies. Despite that, this strain is a good starter strain if you hang out with your friends and just want to have some good time. It’s not hard so that it will make your head spin, but it won’t go easy on you as well.

Purple Kush

Purple kush is a pure Indica that was created after crossing the Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani. It’s a right all-round strain that gives a decent buzz, gives you more focus, and takes the pain away. Good all-rounder.

Don’t Be Afraid Of It.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you’ll see that purple weed isn’t something you should be afraid of and that the myths which are all over the Internet aren’t real. They’re made by people who aren’t familiar with any type of strain that doesn’t have a distinctive green color, and this shouldn’t reject you from trying purple weed out. You’ll surely have a good time. Just do your research beforehand.