Organic Cannabis: What You Need to Know

The modern world that we live in has softened the traditional attitude of many people that cannabis is an “evil” drug and that it brings more wrong than right. Nowadays, cannabis is accepted more in the communities around the world, and it’s beneficial medical aspects are being praised over and over again. In many states, taking cannabis is legal, and that opens the door to a new market that emerged. Technology, way of thinking and general lack of taboo that is present around cannabis made manufacturers around the world create different types of cannabis. At the moment, there are over hundreds of different cannabis types available, and they’re all different from one another. We carry many different strains which you can buy through our mail order cannabis service.

Think about this. You get your batch of sweet flowers and roll it into a joint. You take a moment of appreciation and start smoking it. The feelings you get overwhelm you, and soon, you’re relaxed and enjoying the tingling sensation that goes through your body. But did you ever ask yourself what the background of the plant you just smoked is? Where was it bred, how was it grown? What exactly does it have inside?

These questions might seem irrelevant, but depending on the answer, it can make it or break it when it comes to smoking the perfect joint. There’s so much more to weed than only knowing what’s the percentage of THC inside it. More and more people are starting to realize that the story behind cannabis plants is significant, and they only opt for cannabis which doesn’t have any chemistry in it and is entirely natural. With that being said, it comes as no surprise that in the last couple of years, one of the most popular cannabis types is nothing else than – organic cannabis.

What Is Organic or Living Soil Cannabis?

There is a lot of confusion going on regarding organic cannabis. It’s a term many manufacturers efficiently use to attract customers to their products while they offer products which aren’t 100% organic. Let’s explain what makes a plant organic.

Naturally, as with every plant, cannabis needs proper nutrition to grow and develop fully. For this, in general, people use pesticides (that aren’t natural), chemical nutrients that they put into the soil and other stuff that makes plants grow faster and fuller. It’s actually how modern science and technology works. If it weren’t for all of this, manufacturers would have to wait for more time to make their plant fully grown and ready for consuming. But, many studies showed that using all this chemistry and non-natural ingredients in the process of growing plants make them unhealthy. Some go so far to say that non-organic plants, fruits and vegetables induce cancer in some individuals. While this may or may not be true, the reality is that chemically treated products can cause some damage to its consumers to some degree.

That’s why manufacturers go for a completely organic way of growing, and in the end, they have a product which is 100% natural. Many people prefer products such as those we included. They use organic nutrients and pesticides and don’t introduce any chemical component throughout the growing process.

What Is Wrong With Non-Organic?

A lot of things. Let’s start by saying that cannabis, in its origins, is made for natural consumption. People who first started using it just took the plant and smoked it. Simple as that. There weren’t any fancy joints, heating lamps that aid the process of growing or hybrids that make effects of cannabis stronger. The cannabis in its natural state was the real deal, and people loved it.

But, people build tolerance fast. And, they wanted to experiment. The truth is that regular cannabis, without any additives, might be too weak for some people. And naturally, since they like the effects from it, they want something more substantial which will enhance them even more. In this situation, non-organic cannabis is created, that has a lot of chemistry in it, to be healthier and to have long-lasting effects. But, organic cannabis is far from weak depending on the breed of it and the way it’s produced, it can hit very hard, the same as the non-organic ones.

As we said, having unnatural components in something you consume isn’t healthy. It probably won’t do anything bad in the short term, but after years and years of usage, one begins to wonder if it did damage the body. If you get your cannabis from a verified supplier that has the licence (if you buy it on the street, of course, you can’t know what it’s made of unless you have a mini-lab at your home), you can quickly check what’s it made of since it’s stated on the label.

It’s also bad for the environment to consume non-organic cannabis. Even if you aren’t a strong environmental activist, it’s evident that using chemicals and unnatural ingredients in cannabis growing is terrible for the environment. The change starts with you. If you don’t care about the environment, well, know that organic cannabis often has better taste than the one which was chemically made. The aroma is raw and more potent, which is something you should aim for.

Better Safe Than Sorry

If you ask us, it’s vital to know what you’re consuming. If you are taking cannabis which isn’t natural and didn’t pass all the security measures, you should wonder if it’s good for your body. Nowadays, organic cannabis is available almost anywhere, and if you ask us, it’s a safe pick if you want something which will give you the high you need, but be on the natural side as well. Also, many manufacturers offer other organic cannabis products as well. Concentrates, oils, you name it. There is something for everyone, and if you want to go the natural route, you indeed won’t feel left out.