Storing your weed to ensure your bud stays fresh for a long time is more complicated than it may seem. As weed has become more mainstream, storing high-quality flower in an old plastic bag in your top dresser drawer doesn’t cut it anymore. But what’s the best way to store weed?

As the cannabis industry continues to advance, the storage options have gotten better as well. That’s why smell-proof storage options are becoming increasingly common, and now you can even control humidity and light exposure as well!  

This guide will show you some of the best ways to store weed stash from Xpress Grass


Are Plastic Baggies Good Enough?

In a pinch, you can store cannabis in a plastic bag. It’s super common, especially back in the old days when weed was still illegal. But they aren’t necessarily the best way to store your weed. Your old dealer only used plastic bags because it was cheap and easy. 

But how long can weed stay in a baggie before it loses potency? 

Well, there are a few things that affect the quality of stored weed. Let’s take a look at them now.


The 5 Biggest Factors Affecting Your Weed

  • Light exposure, specifically UV light 
  • Oxygen 
  • Temperature 
  • Humidity 
  • Agitation 

Light exposure, especially ultraviolet (UV) light, can break down trichomes, degrade THC, and ruin the terpenes that give cannabis its wonderful aroma, so avoid keeping your weed in direct sunlight at all costs! Oxygen also ruins the cannabinoid content by oxidizing cannabinoids like THC. In fact, exposure to UV light and oxygen is a quick way to degrade your weed in the shortest amount of time. 

Temperatures that are too high and too low can degrade potency as well, and there is a certain temperature range where mould thrives, which you should avoid. Humidity also needs to be controlled to prevent mould. We’ll look at temperature and humidity in more detail a bit later. 

Another thing is that too much agitation (shaking your weed around) will knock off the trichomes, which not only affects the aesthetics of the flower, it impacts the potency, too. 


Plastic baggies: Final verdict

A plastic baggie doesn’t protect the bud from light or oxygen exposure, temperature changes, humidity instability, or excessive agitation. While you can place the baggie in a dark cupboard that is cool and dry to improve on the downfalls of a plastic baggie, it’s still not optimal. 

There are better options for storage than plastic baggies. 

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How To Store Weed Smell Free

Learning how to smell-proof your weed can be just as crucial as maintaining quality and freshness when storing it, especially if you want to keep your stash hidden from prying eyes— like disapproving roommates or family members. While most of us here probably enjoy the aroma of high-quality bud, there are plenty of people who don’t. And even if you love weed, you might want to prevent the smell from getting into your clothing, furniture, or stinking up your room.  

Especially if your Wax Melter or essential oil diffuser can’t cover the aroma of your premium flower, that’s where smell-proof weed containers come into play. 

Many airtight glass containers mask the weed smell very well— mason jars work great for this, and they’re relatively cheap— but there are also specialty bags and jars specifically designed to store cannabis to maintain freshness and contain the smell. 

Many plastic containers aren’t ideal for storing cannabis because they aren’t airtight. If your container doesn’t hide the smell, it’s a telling sign that it’s not a good choice for long term storage because if the aroma can get out, that means oxygen can get in, and the humidity will vary, too. There’s also the risk of chemicals in the plastic making it into your weed, and you don’t want that. 

Essentially, you shouldn’t settle for plastic storage! 


Finding The Right Temperature And Humidity

Store your cannabis in a cool, dark place. While that may be obvious advice, let’s take a more in-depth look into the optimal temperature and humidity for storing your weed, ensuring the bud quality stays fresh for as long as possible. 

Hot temperatures will break down trichomes and degrade terpenes, affecting the potency, flavour, and aroma, while low temperatures approaching freezing can make the trichomes burst— ruining the bud just as much as high temperatures. That’s why finding a cool temperature is so important! 

Humidity also affects the quality of the stored bud immensely. Dry bud will soak up humidity in the air and take in scents along with it, lowering the purity. Too low humidity will dry out the bud and make it smoke harshly. Too high, and you risk mould growth. 

As you can see, storage temperature and humidity are driven by maintaining quality and removing the risk for mould growth, which will ruin your bud. 

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Avoiding Mold

Here are the environments that mould loves to grow in: 

  • Humidity levels at 60% relative humidity or higher. 
  • Temperatures above 20 degrees Celsius (70 degrees Fahrenheit) 
  • Dark areas free from UV exposure from sunlight. 
  • Ability to be exposed to mould spores

The optimal relative humidity for bud storage is somewhere between 59-63%. While this is in the same range that promotes mould, you can minimize the risk by controlling other factors like the temperature. 

Keeping the relative humidity closer to 59-60% will reduce the risk for mould, but be aware that dropping the humidity too low can also degrade the quality of your cannabis by drying it out.  

Even though mould hates light exposure, leaving your bud out in the sunlight may do more harm than good as it’s the environmental factor that degrades stored Cannabis the most, according to a study done in the 70s

Using an airtight container will also prevent exposing your cannabis to the mould spores that are constantly floating around in most environments.  

Proper storage with these tips will mitigate mould risk and keep your bud fresh and potent! 


What Are Humidity Packs And How Do They Work?

Humidity packs for weed can maintain humidity levels in an airtight container because they keep a stable relative humidity in a closed environment. If the bud’s humidity is too low, the humidity pack will release humidity to rehydrate the flower. If the bud is too wet, a humidity pack can absorb that extra moisture to reduce the risk of mould growth. 

  • Tip: Be sure to choose a humidity pack that is suitable for your container size. Humidity packs don’t work as well when there is too much air.


Ideal Containers

There are various containers, from a simple disposal plastic bag to specially made airtight containers made for cannabis storage. Some even block UV light!  

One of the most basic storage options is a glass Mason jar. But, how long does weed stay fresh in a mason jar? Well, if you manage light and air exposure, temperature, and humidity, a Mason jar can be a suitable storage space for months, making storing weed in a glass jar a classic. 

Vacuum sealed containers are some of the best on the market. They can reduce all oxygen exposure, and agitation doesn’t cause much damage when there is little wiggle room in a vacuum-sealed package. They are also smell-proof and last a very long time. 

Things that don’t typically work are: 

  • Tupperware 
  • Non-airtight bags 
  • A jewellery box 
  • A lunchbox 
  • Anywhere else, you can smell it outside the container. 

Remember, if you can smell it, it isn’t air-tight. If it isn’t air-tight, it will degrade the Cannabis over time. 

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Top 5 Weed Storage Tips

Long term cannabis storage doesn’t have to be complicated. Following these five tips is the best way to keep Cannabis fresh during prolonged storage. 


#1 – The Right Size Container

A container that is too big will contain too much oxygen inside for optimal storage conditions, even if it’s airtight. 

Ideally, you have a container that fits all of your buds just right without having to smash it down. With this size, no extra air will be floating around when it’s sealed. 

Also, your container should be Cannabis friendly and not cause any reactions with the trichomes. Plastic is known to degrade trichomes. Glass is the standard, high-quality container.  


#2 – The Right Temperature

Dark places are easy to find. But the cupboard above the oven isn’t a great place because they are directly above heat sources and heat rises. 

Instead, you should pick somewhere dark and cool, like bottom drawers away from heat sources. If your room temperature is typically warmer than 20 degrees Celsius, you may want to dedicate a cooler spot just for storing your weed. 


#3 – Block UV Light

You can store your weed in dark areas all the time or invest in UV blocking containers. These can be glass or plastic. 

Remember that UV exposure degrades weed over time faster than any other environmental factor. This step is critical for successful long term storage. 

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#4 – The Right Humidity

 If you have an airtight container in a cool area already, you are ahead of the game. But, you still need to keep humidity stable for optimal quality maintenance. 

Humidity packs are better than homemade solutions like orange peels or microwaved tortillas. They are worth the investment when you open a months old stash that still smells and smokes like the day you stored it! 


#5 – Avoid Overhandling

Don’t be the guy or gal that pulls out their stored weed all the time to show people. Overhandling and exposing your weed to the elements over and over isn’t optimal. Instead, maybe pick smaller containers and only pull them out one at a time when you plan on using the contents entirely. 

Overhandling can damage trichomes and cause your weed to lose potency and Terpenes. 


10 Best Places To Store Weed At Home

Finding good places to hide your weed at home is an excellent way to avoid awkward conversations with roommates and family members that may not approve. Hidden weed storage areas can even keep them from smoking your stash if your whole household partakes. 

Regardless, if you are the private type, you’ll probably want to hide your stash. Here are the top 10 ingenious hiding spots for your weed: 


1. Safes

While it might seem like overkill to some people, a safe is a great spot for your stash because it’s secure and nobody will know you have it. If it’s a combination safe, just make sure you don’t forget the code because it would be the worst if you couldn’t access your weed. If you need a key, make sure to hide it somewhere safe and don’t forget where you put it!

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2. False Bottoms

False bottoms in drawers are a classic way to hide small-to-medium size stashes. You can even build one yourself! They don’t require too much work and can make you feel like a bad ass spy with a secret to keep. The only thing is to remember to store your stash in an airtight bag or container or else the smell would be a dead giveaway for your stash.


3. Pillows & Stuffed Animals

Take out some of the fillings and replace it with your stash. If you’re using a stuffed animal, remember to keep it away from any children that might want to play with it. Also, please make sure it’s not a prized possession of one of your kids or siblings— you don’t want that kind of drama!


4. Fake Items

Hollowed-out books, fake soda cans, and even fake pens can hide your weed well. The inventiveness of fake items can be amazing, and browsing through them can be a lot of fun just on its own. Some of the more elaborate include fake sandwiches in a ziploc bag to gross that nobody would want to touch like fake soiled underwear!


5. Electronic Cases

Old electronic cases can be hollowed out and used as a storage space. Nobody will be unscrewing your old computer looking for your goodies! If you’ve got shatter or edibles you want to hide away, consider using an old CD or DVD case. They’re a great spot because when was the last time you (or anybody) used one of those?


6. Buried

As long as you have an airtight container, burying it will be the ultimate hiding spot! Just make sure to avoid digging any holes late at night or else your neighbours might get suspicious!

store weed


7. Taped In The Closet 

Tape your container to the inside of the wall of a small closet above the door. Nobody walks into a closet and looks back at the top wall above the door. 


8. Under Your Mattress

Box springs are mostly empty space. Cut a section of fabric and create a hidden cubby for your weed.


9. In A Large Jacket

You know that heavy snow coat in the closet that you only break out once or twice a year? An inside pocket is a good place for a small stash. Just make sure to check your pockets before going on that cross-border ski trip!


10. In The Garage

You have a spot in the garage or shed that you frequent but don’t typically have company? If it’s cool enough, it’s a perfect hiding spot. 



Store Weed Wisely! 

Cannabis quality continues to get better and better, but many people lose potency and flavour profiles due to improper storage. If you only store it for a week or two, you don’t need to worry too much about it. 

But, if you come into a lot of Cannabis and can’t smoke it all quickly, storing it in the right environment is imperative to long-lasting quality. This guide has shown you the best options to store your weed and ways to hide it as well. Just make sure you have bud worth storing, like the bud at Xpress Grass