If you’ve just tried making your first edibles, you might be asking yourself: ‘Are edibles supposed to taste like weed?’. The answer is they don’t have to, which is good news if you’re someone who doesn’t enjoy the flavour of cannabis. So how do you mask the taste of weed in edibles? We’ll show you!

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at why some edibles can taste like cannabis and provide some advice on making delicious edibles without that strong, grassy taste.


Why Edibles Taste Like Weed

The taste of weed in your edibles isn’t due to THC, the compound in cannabis that gets you high. Rather, it’s caused by other parts of the cannabis plant, such as the unique combination of terpenes and flavonoids that give each cannabis strain its distinct flavour. While some edibles use extracts that are much stronger than regular flower, many of the terpenes often remain in the concentrate. Too much concentrate is a common reason why you might taste weed in your edibles. While this creates a potent high, it also adds plenty of weed flavour.

In fact, there are some cannabis extracts like live resin and terpene sauce that are focused on preserving as much as the terpenes as possible- the goal of these extracts is to retain the smell and terpene profile, so it still smells like the live cannabis plant. On the other hand, there are distillates and isolates that have everything stripped away (including all the waxes, fats, and terpenes) except for the desired compound, which is usually THC or CBD.

Isolates and distillate are flavourless and odourless, making them ideal for edibles when you don’t want the weed taste.

If your edible is made from a concentrate, butter, or oil that doesn’t altogether remove the other cannabis plant elements, then it will likely taste like weed when you consume it. This isn’t all bad, however, because you may actually get more medicinal benefits when consuming edibles that contain the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes in a phenomenon known as the Entourage Effect. For more information on the Entourage Effect, click here.

Lastly, if you tend to go for traditional sugary edibles, you should know that they don’t often hide the flavour of cannabis very well. A vanilla cupcake, for example, probably won’t mask the underlying taste of weed in your edible as the vanilla taste is a lot more subtle. A bar of creamy, rich chocolate would mask the taste much better, which is one reason why weed brownies are so popular.


How to Reduce the Weed Taste

Are you tasting weed in your edibles? If so, it likely has to do with how the edibles were made, and your best option is to mask those flavours.

Certain flavour profiles do an excellent job of masking the taste of weed in edibles. In this regard, bitter and savoury flavours should be your go-to options. By adding a savoury or bitter kick to your edible, you can hide the weed flavour quite well. Adding bitter dark chocolate to something sweet, for example, can be a big help.

Unfortunately, if you don’t have any foods that will compliment your edibles, it can be hard to mask the flavour of weed—especially if the edible is made with a large amount of potent concentrate, oil, or butter.

edibles taste like weed

Chocolate is a great way to mask the weed taste!


What’s the Best Type of Edible?

With so many edibles currently available on the market, it’s best to choose an option that masks the weed’s flavour. While you’ll still need to choose a producer that offers reliable quality, it’s a good idea to target specific types of edibles if you want to avoid too much weed flavour. All of the edibles on our website have been have been personally tested by our team to ensure they meet our standards. Most of the edibles on our menu contain cannabis distillate- a highly potent extract that’s up to 99% pure THC- that has little to no flavour or aroma so you won’t notice any weed taste at all.

If you’re making your own edibles, consider going for savoury foods over sweets and candies. Even though they may not completely mask the taste, the savoury flavours can often complement the taste of weed much better than candies or gummies. For example, if you use cannabutter, a tincture, or cannabis oil to infuse mashed potatoes, a bit of weed flavour may even give the potatoes a pleasant, herbal twist.

Bitter foods also do an excellent job of masking the taste of weed, so edibles loaded with bitter chocolate is the perfect way to enjoy a non-savoury cannabis treat that doesn’t taste like weed.


How to Make Edibles That Don’t Taste Like Weed

If you want to make edibles that don’t taste like weed, you have two options: use a concentrate such as distillate or THC isolate, or use ingredients that either mask or complement the taste of cannabis.

If you enjoy a particular type of edible, utilizing a distillate or isolate is the best way to reduce the taste of weed as these concentrates have a high level of THC with minimal flavour.

It’s important to keep in mind that these concentrates are incredibly potent. This means you won’t need much to create a potent edible, and many people who don’t enjoy the taste of marijuana will employ this strategy to produce edibles without the taste of weed.

While so much of edible culture involves sweet foods—such as gummies, candies, cookies, brownies, cupcakes, and more—many such foods do little to mask the taste of weed. Savoury foods are an excellent alternative if you want to avoid an unwelcoming cannabis flavour in your food. Look up recipes for mashed potatoes, cheese biscuits, tomato basil soup, and more!

As mentioned previously, some of the best edibles to mask the weed taste involve chocolate. Using bitter chocolate to hide the taste of weed is one of your best options if you don’t want a savoury treat. Consider overloading your edible with dark chocolate if you’re going to use bitterness to mask the taste of cannabis.

edibles taste like weed



Now that you know how to make weed edibles taste better, it’s time to put those methods into practice. Whether it’s overloading chocolate to mask the taste of cannabis or incorporating a relatively small amount of concentrate into your edibles, find a way that works for you. If you’re new to edibles, experiment with small doses to avoid overwhelming yourself.

Alternatively, check out some of the excellent edibles on our website. We sell affordable brands of professionally-made edibles that don’t taste like weed.