Edible forms of cannabis are a popular way to get the effects and benefits of weed without lighting up. While cannabis edibles take longer to kick in, the high can last much longer than smoking weed, which begs the question- ‘How long do edibles last?’

You’ll find the answer in this article, but first, let’s find out what kinds of weed edibles are out there, and what to expect when trying edibles for the first time.

What are Cannabis Edibles?

Marijuana edibles have come a long way since “special” brownies. We carry various weed candy, weed gummies, lozenges, capsules, and even delectable treats like fudge and chocolate truffles.

Consumers who are health-conscious, those who don’t want to leave their weed lying around, or anyone who wants the benefits of CBD or THC without smoking prefer cannabis edibles.

They’re compact, convenient, discreet, and can be way more potent than smoking it.

Trying Edibles for the First Time

At 420sixty, our golden rule when it comes to trying edibles for the first time is “start low and go slow.” Think of it like an exercise program. You wouldn’t jump into a 3K run without a couple of shorter endurance sessions first, right?

You can know all about the differences between THC and CBD, but there’s still one unknown variable: how they’ll affect you.

That’s why we recommend making sure that you have nothing pressing on your schedule when trying edibles for the first time. Be in a comfortable environment where you can follow the product’s instructions and pay attention to how your body feels. Consider yourself a guinea pig.

When Does the High Kick In?

The high from THC edibles can kick in anywhere from 30 minutes to over an hour after eating it, but you can expect to notice the high within two hours after ingestion.

Other factors can influence when the high from edibles kicks in. If you eat edibles on an empty stomach, you’ll feel the effects sooner than with a full meal. Likewise, a brownie or other solid food will take longer to produce a high than a cannabis-infused beverage.

The edible dosage has the most significant impact on how long the high takes to kick in, how strong it is, and how long it lasts.

That’s why when trying edibles for the first time—or trying a new type of edible—it’s best to take it low and slow at the start.

How Long Does the High from Edibles Last?

Research shows that you can expect a peak high within two to five hours after ingestion and a muted effect for up to seven to twelve hours afterward. Some people report that the effects can come in waves.

If you ingest edibles on an empty stomach, you could experience a quicker high that lasts for a longer time. Your high also could linger if you’re using a product that’s particularly potent or has a high dose (such as 20 mg or above). Nibbling a smaller dose or having edibles on top of a full meal could slow down your high or land it at the shorter end of the spectrum.

That’s why we emphasize monitoring how your body reacts to edibles, especially if you’ve never tried them before. If you’re not getting the high you want or are accustomed to ingesting one capsule or gummy, don’t just pop another one after 30 minutes or an hour.

You could wind up experiencing overconsumption, and while it won’t hurt you, it could make you feel very uncomfortable, which is a definite buzzkill.

Edibles vs. Smoking

When weighing the differences between edibles vs. smoking, consider where and how you want to experience the benefits. Smoking causes a fairly rapid high because the cannabis goes through your lungs, but it also wears off more quickly than the high from edibles.

Edibles are metabolized through your digestive system, particularly the liver.

THC doesn’t start absorbing into your bloodstream until it reaches your intestines, where the liver transforms it into a new compound, known as 11-hydroxy-THC, that’s actually more psychoactive.

And so, while the high from edibles take longer to arrive, research shows it also can be more potent than smoking.

You might have a preference for edibles or smoking depending on whether you’re using cannabis recreationally or for medicinal purposes.

Some might feel self-conscious about lighting up or feel like their cannabis use isn’t anyone’s business. Edibles are much more discreet and private because they resemble traditional candy, capsules, and food-related products.

how long do edibles last


Different Types of Edibles

Although candy and gummies are the most common forms of cannabis edibles, there’s so much more to edibles than that. Each has its advantages in terms of dosing, shelf life, and length of high.


Like gummy bears and gummy worms, cannabis gummies can be sweet or sour and come in fun shapes for snacking or medicating.

We’ve got sour peaches, cola bottles, and fruit jellies, to name a few.

Like your gummies to taste like root beer or blue raspberry? Gone Green’s Medi+Bottles are traditional gummy bottles infused with 10 mg to 30 mg of THC each.

If you’re looking for gummies with vegan and organic ingredients, we’ve got the CBDMove Vegan Gummies, available in six flavours, including green apple bears and watermelon balls. Each gummy contains 100 mg to 250 mg of THC.


Cannabis capsules are relatively new to the weed edibles market. One of the best things about them is that they’re discreet with accurate, pre-measured dosages.

Weed capsules vary in potency. Some have a mixture of CBD and THC, while others give the option of choosing which ingredient is more dominant. For instance, Baked Rx CBD capsules contain pure CBD extract suspended in MCT oil within a gelatin capsule. Choose from 10 mg or 20 mg of CBD.

For a blend of THC and CBD, Apothecary Cannacaps contain 10 mg of THC and 10 mg of CBD per capsule, each infused with organic coconut oil.


Weed chocolate makes you happy by boosting serotonin levels in the brain, so it’s a perfect match for cannabis. Weed chocolate isn’t limited just to brownies or bars, though.

At 420sixty, we carry those favourites along with other creative chocolate confections, such as the Dose Cannabis Truffles multi-pack. Each contains three creamy ganache-filled truffles with 60 mg of THC covered in white chocolate, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate.

If you’re a fan of chocolate and peanut butter, Sweet Jane Edibles dunks creamy peanut butter centers in milk chocolate infused with 200 mg of premium cannabis oil.

Want more crunch? Try the vegan dark chocolate CBD nut clusters from Sweet Jane Edibles, packing the health benefits of both CBD and dark chocolate in one nutty bite. These contain 75 mg of CBD per two clusters. Sweet Jane Edibles also combines CBD and THC in its Chocolate Almonds, available in milk chocolate containing 150 mg of THC per package.

how long do edibles last



Infused cannabis beverages, also known as liquid edibles or drinkables, are digested faster than other edibles because liquids are easier to breakdown than solid food, meaning the CBD or THC in a cannabis drink gets into your bloodstream quicker.

Tea’s comforting properties get an added dose of relaxation in Yoni Relax Tea by MOTA, an herbal cannabis-infused tea containing 300 mg of THC and 100 mg of CBD.

MOTA also makes cannabis-infused iced tea and hot cocoa mixes, each infused with 150 mg of THC. Enjoy your medication with a splash of lemon or curled up with a sprinkling of mini marshmallows.

Syrups and Oils

If you like to be hands-on in the kitchen, you can choose to make your own cannabis edibles by incorporating a cannabis-infused oil or making your own infused oil or butter.

Apothecary Cannabis-Infused Coconut Oil contains 165 mg of THC per 100 ml jar or about 22 mg of THC per tablespoon. It’s excellent for baking, cooking, smoothies, or any other dishes in which you’d use organic coconut oil. As a bonus, the oil also helps heal cuts, abrasions, and rashes when used topically.

Drop a touch of MOTA cannabis-infused organic honey into your favourite beverage or pour it over your pancakes. It comes in two varieties: CBC Honey with 80 mg of CBD or Medicated Honey with 200 mg of THC.

What’s the Shelf Life of Edibles?

Edibles do have a shelf life. While they won’t go stale after a week like bread, neither are they like canned goods that you can crack open after a year without any difference in taste or potency.

SōRSE Technology Corporation, which specializes in water-soluble emulsion technology to provide CBD products with shelf-stable and safe ingredients, says that three to six months is a good window for edibles to remain fresh.

Of course, you’ll want to check the packaging as you would with any other food product. Like other foodstuffs in your pantry, edibles that contain preservatives last longer than those without. A trusted manufacturer will include an expiration date that indicates when the edibles are no longer safe to use.

Past that date, you could notice a difference in texture or flavour. There’s also a possibility that the product could lose some of its potency.

CBD is a more stable cannabinoid, meaning it has a long shelf life, while THC, on the other hand, degrades slowly over time.

Storing Edibles for Safety and Freshness

Don’t waste your money and your purchase by storing your edibles incorrectly. Sure, these products have expiration dates, but they’re also like food without weed in that you need to take a couple of extra precautions. Air and temperature can make cannabis edibles unappetizing, just like storing a carton of milk on the countertop makes it spoil.

To be sure your edibles remain fresh until their expiration date, store them in lockable, airtight containers. Softer candies such as caramels and chocolate can be sensitive to humidity, so experts recommend wrapping pieces individually in foil. Then place them in a locked, airtight container somewhere dark, like the top of your pantry or cupboard.

Refrigerating or freezing cannabis chocolate does help it last longer, but if it’s not in an airtight container, it can absorb flavours from the rest of your fridge (yuck). Plus, it can get a white film on it from the refrigerator’s moisture. That’s why we’re about airtight containers all the way.

One more thing: Please make sure that your edibles are labelled. Even if you don’t have children around, you don’t want an unsuspecting guest to dip into them. Labels will also help you find your favourite treats.

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