Top Ten “Sweet” and “Spooky” Strains For Halloween

Halloween is the favourite time of the year for many people and if you’re a weed lover, then getting your hands onto something a bit “spooky” for that special day is a cherry on the top. In this article, we’ll see what some of the best strains for this year which have become extremely popular in the weed-loving community are. Of course, you can use these strains whenever you like, and you don’t need to limit yourself just for one day of the year, but since Halloween is around the corner, you might feel like trying some of these yourself.

Spooky Strains

Zombie Kush

Being first on the list, Zombie Kush might be one of the most popular strains with a Halloween theme out there. As the name says, the Zombie Kush is made out of different types of Kush genetics. It combines Lavender Kush, Amnesia and Bubba Kush. This mixture didn’t go unnoticed, so the Zombie Kush won the first prize in 2017 in the Napoli Secret cup. If you want something that has a good kick, but won’t make your head explode, Zombie Kush is a way to go.


Harlequin is pretty unique. It’s a Sativa dominant strain, and numbers show that – 75/25. What’s so exciting about Harlequin is that it’s a CBD product which is extremely popular among people that want to get relief of pain or who just want to relax without a strong kick. In the mix, there are Columbian Gold, Nepali Indica and Swiss landrace strains. All of this makes Harlequin a good combo if you want to relax just a bit during Halloween. But for other days as well. The CBD aspect of this strain will make things even better, as you won’t be so high, but will feel super relaxed.

Ghost Train Haze

The ghost train is one of the most exciting rides in amusement parks across the world. If you want the real deal, and you want to get scared, then you go on a ghost train ride. Ghost train haze is a bit similar to that. Although it won’t make you feel scared, this strain is only for heavy lifters. It’s a Sativa and a strong one. It will make your pain disappear, your depression subsides, and your appetite will turn back to normal so you’ll be eating a lot. Although it has a lot of good points, patients who suffer from anxiety should steer away from this strain and pick something a bit weaker. Nevertheless, if you’re an experienced smoker, this one’s for you.

Alien OG

Alien OG represents California. The lemony smell it has will take you on a ride through the bay while the sunset falls in front of your eyes. It’s a heavy hitter, so you should take it slowly if you’re a novice when it comes to smoking. It’s made from a mixture of different strains – Tahoe OG and Alien Kush. Both of them are excellent strains and highly praised in the weed-loving community. All in all, Alien OG is worth a shot, but just be careful you don’t get too carried away by its sweet smell and taste.

Monster Truck

The monster truck is a potent Indica. And when we say very, we mean it. It’s not for everyone, and you shouldn’t try this one if you aren’t an experienced smoker. It’s also quite exclusive and often hard to get your hands on because it isn’t widely available. It can also be mixed with other types of strains such as Lemon Head. This means that there are dozens of different variations available, but you should remember that in every single combination, Monster Truck stays very strong.

Bruce Banner

We all know who Bruce Banner is, right? It’s a guy version of the Hulk before it starts raging. And, maybe Hulk isn’t even aware of the staring that’s carrying his name – if he did, he might not get angry all the time. Anyway, what should you expect from a strain that has the name of a Hulk guy? It’s pretty intense. And not only that, the effects aren’t very long-lasting meaning you need to get a few hits in a row if you want to have a continuous good feeling. It’s not for rookie smokers as it has high THC concentration. It will give you a creative buzz so if you want to write a song – this strain might be for you.

Death Bubba

Matheo Suleyman has created death Bubba, and it serves weed lovers since 2012. It’s created by mixing two very potent strains – Death Star and Bubba Kush. You should know that Death Bubba reeks of grass and it has that smell which you might associate with classic cannabis joints. Nonetheless, it has a purple colour to it which makes it very exotic, and you don’t have to be an expert to try it out. It’s suitable for newbies as well.

Sweet Strains

Candy Kush

Kandy Kush is one of the most popular strains out there. A mixture of two high strains – OG Kush and Trainwreck ensures that you’ll get a decent hit and that you’ll be relaxing for quite some time. As the name suggests, the Candy Kush has a sweet taste to it and a lemony smell it gets from OG Kush. It’s trendy amongst medical growers because it’s not too heavy, but it gives some pain relief to its user with a moderate-high of the whole body.

Cookies Kush

If you’ve ever been to Amsterdam, then you would know that so-called “coffee shops” have cookies that are edibles and have cannabis strains in them. Cookies kush is the closest thing you’ll be getting if you aren’t in Amsterdam and it gives you that cookie feeling that you would get. It combines GSC with OG Kush and what you’re left is a potent Indica which won first place in the 2014 version of Amsterdam Cup.

Bubblegum Kush

Bubblegum Kush is a classic 80% Indica that you get when you combine Bubble Gum with classic Kush. This Indica is highly popular among manufacturers and users and thus is one of the widely available strains in the world. It also has 18% of THC. This will ensure that you’ll become a couch potato until the effects subside and that you’ll feel relaxed.

Which Cannabis Strains for Halloween sound like your favourite?

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