Cannabis And Massage

Cannabis has become a go-to plant for many people that have some medical issues that can’t be solved by modern medicine. Everything regarding marijuana is still pretty much a taboo theme. Nevertheless, in some states like Colorado, people recognized how useful this plant could be for treating specific illnesses and just for the well-being of every single individual. For other countries, it will probably take some time to recognize all the benefits this plant has, and to be honest, some of them might not recognize this, ever. But, despite that, what’s real and what’s scientifically proven is the fact that cannabis has many health benefits. To be clear we refer to cannabis oil in this article as “massage oil”, not concentrated oils such as Cherry or Honey oil.

One of them aims at massage therapy or using cannabis oil while having a massage. Although it still isn’t so common nowadays, many people who know cannabis plants use the oil to enhance their massage therapies, and this type of treatment has become increasingly popular amongst cannabis and non-cannabis users around the world. And there’s a reason for it. In this article, we’ll talk more about using marijuana in massage therapy and see why you would do it and whether it’s worth it. We will also talk about some myths that are floating on the Internet and see whether this type of therapy is safe for users.

Why Is It Good?

Cannabis oil has been around for a while. People have been using it for a lot of different things – adding it to some dishes, just eating one spoon of oil every single day, or only using it in medical therapies. So we can surely say that cannabis oil isn’t a new thing and that it has some proven health benefits. Heck, in some countries, you can buy this oil in a bottle in a supermarket!

Will a Cannabis Massage get me high?

But, in the last few years, people have discovered yet another use of cannabis oil for massages. Now, it might sound a bit silly to cover someone in oil to massage him/her since it’s often advised not to use vast amounts of it, but in this case, it’s excellent. Before we even start talking about the health benefits of cannabis oil on your skin and overall body, let’s just get something out of the way. No, you won’t get high from cannabis oil if you use it for massaging purposes. And the answer is pretty simple. To get high, the THC in cannabis oil needs to get into your bloodstream, and applying it on the skin won’t penetrate that much. So yeah, if you’re scared of getting high – you don’t have to be.

Now, let’s talk about the health benefits. In modern literature, you can find a lot of them which are connected directly to cannabis oil. One of the most common ones is the fact that cannabis oil has anti-inflammatory properties. For this to happen, we need to thank CBD, which cannabis oil is full of. It’s nothing terrible, and if you want to know more about CBD in general, you can check our other articles about this specific topic. CBD is good for relaxing joints, arthritis, and other injuries, and this makes cannabis oil perfect for persons who suffer from this type of problem.

Cannabis oil, while not making you feel high, will make your skin and senses feel “high.” Don’t panic; no one will call you a junkie. It’s just that with the help of cannabis oil, your skin and body, in general, will feel relaxed, smooth, and just overall healthy. It’s a feeling you need to live yourself to know what we’re talking about.

Since you’re applying cannabis oil on the skin while giving/having a massage, you can bet that the oil is right for your skin as well. The nutrients in it will help your skin feel smooth, silky, and elastic—kind of all that hand cream commercials that never seem to deliver. Cannabis oil is generally good for massaging as it isn’t very dense, and it will make masseurs hands slide over your back with ease.

I Tried A Cannabis Infused Massage And Here’s What Happened

Of course, if you want to know how it feels like when you get massaged with cannabis oil, you naturally need to try it out yourself. But, in the meantime, if you want to know how it might feel, listening to someone else’s experience who tried it out, then we got you covered. Robert Smith, currently living in San Diego, tried it, and here’s what he has to say:

“I was skeptical first about the massage, which involves cannabis oils. Normally, I thought that using something cannabis-related will get me physically high – something like when you smoke a joint. But, my masseur explained to me that I don’t have anything to worry about. That, combined with little research that I did on my own about this matter, made me realize that I don’t have anything to lose and that I should go for it. And boy, I wasn’t wrong.

Firstly, the massage felt great. For this, I have to thank Mike, the guy with God’s hands. He adapted the massage to my needs since I like it to be a bit harder. Disclaimer: I’m not a masochist. In addition to his great work, I felt that using cannabis oil in the process was a cherry on top. I’ve never felt so relaxed and enjoyed something so much. It’s not like I was high – but my skin and body overall reacted to the mix of a good massage, effects of cannabis oil, and general tone of the situation. I felt shivers everywhere, and after the massage was done, I can’t address enough how good I felt. It’s something I’ll do again, and who knows, maybe it’ll become my weekly routine as well”.

Try it yourself!

To sum up, the best thing you can do is try cannabis oil in massage therapy yourself. We can quote here dozens of similar stories such as Roberts, but it won’t mean anything to you unless you try it out yourself. So, don’t be scared, do a bit of research if you like, and just enjoy your massage