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Bubble hash is famous for its solvent-free extract identity that doesn’t require any additional chemicals. The small bubbles that develop when it is heated are what gave it its name. The drying process of bubble hash is one of the most important methods of its reparation, and whether it is air-dried or with the help of a freeze drier, it is important to understand the benefits of both!


A better-evolved method of hash harvesting called “bubble hash” enables the creation of excellent-quality hash without the use of extra chemicals. The hash plant’s trichomes (resin glands) and other elements that are eliminated during treatment are used to make hash. This variety has a THC level that ranges from 30 to 60%, indicating strong effects. Bubble hash is one of the most fragrant and tasty compounds that can be generated. For instance, for people who prefer minty flavors, a kush mint is ideal. For vanilla flavors, a LA Kush cake is a recommended purchase. This is because the terpenes inside the compound are preserved during the extraction process by using low temperatures.

Cannabis plant flowers are¬†stirred up in cold water to create bubble hash. The plant material’s resinous trichomes harden and split off, settling to the bottom of a metallic sieve, often composed of a series of mesh filters with progressively smaller mesh sizes. The smaller the mesh, or “micron,” less the plant material there is in the substance. The process of drying is crucial to the production of premium bubble hash. The drying method utilized after creation is a very important aspect of bubble hash composition that is occasionally disregarded. As soon as it is collected, bubble hash is entirely saturated with water, which needs to be gotten rid of properly. Here we discuss different methods of drying and curing bubble hash to give its users the best possible experience.

How To Dry Bubble Hash

Varying bubble hash drying techniques exist and require different degrees of the operator’s involvement in the drying process.¬†For instance, drying bubble hash with a freeze drier is a fully automated operation that needs minimal human activity, and whatever activity is required by the process is straightforward and requires them to start the process, keep an eye on it and sit back and wait while the freeze drier does its job.¬†However, while using the process of¬†air drying, the operator must precisely regulate the hash’s pretreatment, temperature, the humidity of the drying area, and a few other parameters that need supervision.

There is also a need for reading the instruction manual properly before drying the hash no matter which method is used. For example, if you are drying the hash in a small aggregation of trichome heads, you are prolonging the drying process, using more effort, and wasting terpenes as a result, which means you are doing it incorrectly.

The drying process that is chosen ultimately depends upon the extractor’s resources, comfort level and preference. The air-drying method as well as the freeze-drying method, are described below to help you familiarize yourself with the processes so that when you assume the role of the bubble hash extractor, you are well informed.¬†

Air drying

To air dry bubble hash, the bubble wash bags’ hash is removed in completely saturated globs of trichomes. (Also check out our blog on the best bubble bags) The wet hash patties are put on a 15 or25 micron screen, and some water is gently coaxed out by patting the screen. The hash is placed in the freezer for 24 hours once the separation is finished to fully chill it.

To enable water to escape more rapidly and thoroughly, the hash patties must be cut up into separate small bits once the new, wet hash has been frozen solid. Water will become trapped inside the cluster of trichomes if the hash isn’t split off and spread out in a fine coating, possibly fostering the growth of mold. Over a sheet of parchment paper, the hash dries in a fine layer. A bit of board placed beneath the parchment serves as a dehydrator, drawing water out of the hash.

Freeze drying

Equipment called the ‚ÄėFreeze Dryer‚Äô is typically used to freeze-dry products for extended storage. The hash fraternity can use¬†this as an apparatus¬†that could help hash¬†dry more quickly. Knowing which parameters to utilize, such as temperature and humidity, is crucial when working with a freeze dryer. The bubble hash will sublimate most effectively if it is placed in freeze-dryer trays with as much surface area and outside exposure as feasible. This implies that you’ll need to collect the hash in a suitable thickness with much more water than for air drying before taking it from the filter media. The filter medium is commonly referred to as ‚Äėbubble bags‚Äô.¬†

When the wet hash is put in the freeze dryer, the device pulls the hash in while also regulating the temperature’s rise and decline. This technology sublimates the hash and consequently, dries it. This makes it possible for sublimation to take place and aids in converting water from a solid into a gaseous state so that it may be eliminated from the crop.¬†

However, it is important to take into consideration the advantage that the drying process also sanitizes the hash, making it a fantastic choice for traditional markets with high standards for quality. The freeze-drying method has the main drying cycle that may last from 10-16 hours. The length of the drying process depends upon the amount of water the bubble hash was saturated with. 

How Long Should I Dry it for?

The time it takes for the hash to finish drying out might range from two days¬†to more than a week. To check if it is dry enough, check whether the hash should have a granular consistency and leave no liquid when pressed when it is suitably dried. The entire freeze-drying procedure takes no more than 24 hours to complete. Additionally, freeze dryers lessen the amount of oxidation that takes place. Reduced oxidation aids in preserving the hash’s natural lighter shade. Because of oxidation, air-dried bubble hash typically has a deeper hue.

Why should we dry it?

As soon as it is collected, after its extraction process, the bubble hash is entirely immersed in water. The drying method utilized after creation seems to be another aspect of bubble hash integrity and high quality that is occasionally disregarded. Drying the hash thoroughly not only keeps it from becoming moldy but also brings forth its best aspects.

Storing your bubble hash, correctly:

Now that you have dried your bubble hash properly, you may want to focus on how to store it correctly so that when you need to use it, it is as fresh as possible and in the most optimal condition.

Hash needs to be¬†kept dry, cool, and in a¬†dark place¬†with limited airflow if you want it to survive a little longer than environmental conditions may allow.¬†The preferred option is a plastic container with a tight-fitting lid. If you’re preserving it in a container made up of glass, take caution to keep it out of the sunlight since it can expedite its deterioration and brittleness.


The drying procedure for the hash must be thorough and shouldn’t be hurried. Poor drying techniques can result in mold problems, rendering the hash useless. With the use of sublimation and suction, a freeze dryer’s technique removes moisture from a wet batch of hash, swiftly and fully drying it. Therefore, moisture must gradually drain away when drying by air. When bubble hash is left in the air, evaporation takes place over some time. Once the bubble hash has been dried properly, it needs to be stored safely in a closed container, away from direct light, in a dry, cool place to make it last longer.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long should I dry bubble hash?

Air drying takes 48 hours to a week, freeze drying takes around 24 hours.

Can you dry bubble hash?

Yes. Air drying and using a freeze drier are two methods. 

Is bubble hash as good as regular hash?

A solventless extract, bubble hash makes no use of additional chemicals. The small bubbles that develop when it is warmed are what gave it its name. One of the most fragrant and flavorful isolates, bubble hash has low temperatures employed during separation to maintain the majority of the terpenes, and its THC content range is 30-60%.

Can I dry my bubble hash in the fridge?

Yes, it is possible to dry bubble hash in a standard fridge, but it could be challenging to maintain the right humidity and temperature levels.

What colour should my bubble hash be?

After the drying procedure, the bubble hash usually assumes a golden-yellow color.

What is the best grade of bubble hash?

Six star, or “full melt,” is the purest form of bubble hash, leaving little to no trace when vaporised to attest to its quality.

What does a good bubble hash look like?

Cannabis trichome heads, the spherical resin glands that impart cannabis flowers their crystal-like, sugary appearance, are the main component of bubble hash. The hues of these heads vary from clear to amber, but they are never greenish.

What’s a good bubble hash yield?

Be on the lookout for a 3-8% yield of bubble hash in fresh frozen cannabis. 15-20% yield is a fair objective for the bubble hash yield for dried cannabis plants.