Ever been curious about cannabis but have no idea where to start? Various kinds of Indica strains can help with a wide variety of issues and needs. Benefits can range from better and deeper sleep and anxiety alleviation to pain relief and even weight loss. The first step to reaping the benefits of cannabis is learning about the best indica strains and their variety of effects so you can find the indica strains that work best for you!  

What are Indicas?

If you’re looking for more relaxing effects, Cannabis Indica would be your flower of choice. Originating in dry arid climates such as Afghanistan, India, and the Hindu Kush Mountains, Indica strains can be helpful with reducing nausea and pain, increasing appetite, lowering anxiety, and promoting better sleep. 

What do Indicas look like?

Indica plants are short, stocky, and bushy with broad and chunky leaves. As indicas generally produce more buds than sativa plants, they’re more favoured by growers, and that’s why they’re often so much easier to find than sativas. 


Effects of sativa vs. indica vs. hybrids

Both indica and sativa are used for many different medicinal, recreational, and therapeutic purposes. Hybrid strains are also useful and offer a mix of both indica and sativa effects, making them very popular amongst those who prefer a more well-balanced high.  

Understanding the different effects of cannabis strains is important as it will help you determine which strain is the best for your needs. Not to mention, you’ll be able to avoid being awake all night or feeling overly drowsy during the day!  

Sativa:¬†Sativas¬†create more of a ‚Äúhead high‚ÄĚ with more high-energy and invigorating effects than¬†indicas. You‚Äôll probably have the urge to get up and go – whether that means socializing or speeding through a few loads of laundry – you‚Äôll be energized to get stuff done. At the same time,¬†sativas¬†can help increase creativity and get the artistic juices flowing. For some, it also allows energy to surge with less anxiety and stress.¬†¬†

Indica:¬†Indicas¬†are known for being more mellow and the ‚Äúfull-body‚ÄĚ high that allows you to relax and feel calm. A nice indica is an excellent option for chilling out after a long day at work as it creates a sleepy, relaxed state. This deep relaxation can help reduce insomnia, along with many other benefits and effects.¬†¬†¬†

Hybrids: Hybrid cannabis growers produce unique strains that combine various sativa and indica parent plants. These hybrids can target specific effects and needs for consumers. Each hybrid plant can have a different ratio of THC and CBD, altering the results of the plant’s effects.   

These three main types of cannabis plants give you a general idea of what you’re getting into when it comes to sativa, indica, and hybrids. However, there are endless strains belonging to each type of flower that offers different and specific effects. Depending on your needs and desired results, it’s smart to read about the particular effects of the individual strain. Here, we look at the best indica strains for many different uses for lifestyle and wellness.   

best indica strains


Famous indicas: Hall of fame

There are many different strains of indica, but a few stand out as the classics. Here are a few famous indica strains, aka ‚Äúhall-of-famers‚ÄĚ, that every cannabis user should know about.¬†¬†

OG Kush¬†–¬†OG Kush¬†is recognizable by its distinct skunk and gasoline-like smell. This is a classic strain that offers mellow effects with heightened cerebral energy.¬†¬†¬†

Hindu Kush РWith origins in the Himalayan Mountains, Hindu Kush is a pure indica popular for its sedating qualities. This is the mother strain of the American-made OG Kush and a parent strain of Pink Kush and Purple Kush. Hindu Kush is in the hall of fame for being one of the purest indica strains out there.  

Pink Kush¬†–¬†Pink Kush¬†has become one of the most¬†popular strains of indica in Canada. Pink Kush features an aromatic, earthy pine scent. Known for its consistency and lasting effects, Pink Kush is great for a lazy night at home.¬†¬†

Purple Kush РA mixture of Purple Afghani and Hindu Kush, Purple Kush can treat chronic pain and muscle spasms. It’s also known as being one of the best indica strains for insomnia. It’s a strain often used in hybrids due to its potent qualities.   

Afghan Kush РAfghan Kush is typically used to treat acute pain and insomnia. It can also help to promote appetite.   

Northern Lights РAnother popular strain, Northern Lights is praised for its positive effects on mood disorders, insomnia, pain, and low appetites. You’re sure to find your way to the munchies with this one.  


Best indica strains for sleep

Why are indica strains so often used to treat¬†chronic insomnia¬†or trouble sleeping? To understand this, we¬†have to¬†look at why people find it so hard to fall asleep! Here’s a list of potential reasons you‚Äôre up all night:¬†¬†

  • Stress – worrying and stressing about life‚Äôs hiccups is never a good recipe for sleep¬†¬†
  • Anxiety – chronic and even mild anxiety can contribute to lack of sleep¬†¬†
  • Sleep Habits – taking too many naps or engaging in stimulating activities before bed such as watching TV or playing video games can reduce your quality of deep sleep¬†¬†
  • Eating Habits – eating too late at night, not eating enough, or consuming too much caffeine or alcohol can all affect your quality of sleep¬†¬†
  • Mental Health Disorders – disorders such as anxiety, PTSD, and depression all have symptoms that often affect sleep patterns and regularity¬†
  • Medications and Health Conditions – certain prescription drugs used to treat health conditions can cause insomnia and trouble sleeping¬†

Nothing compares to the refreshing feeling of a good night’s sleep! If you’re struggling with any of the above causes, there are plenty of indica strains that can help to increase the quality and depth of your sleep patterns. Read on to learn about the best indica for deep sleep.  

Many agree that the best indica strain for deep sleep is the full-bodied Purple Kush. With its ability to reduce anxiety and create a relaxed state of mind and body, you’ll be able to fall asleep faster and stay that way until morning. A comparable strain is Pink Kush, which offers similar effects.  

best indica strains


Best indicas for Anxiety

If you’re looking to help reduce anxiety, strains that contain both relaxing and uplifting effects will be the best option. A more balanced ratio of THC to CBD is the goal here.  

  • OG Kush – This strain is a classic and¬†easily accessible. It has decidedly calming qualities while also providing a jolt of energy – ‚Äėin da couch‚Äô or¬†off of¬†it.¬†XPG¬†offers fast and express shipping for OG Kush, with easy checkout, so there‚Äôs no stress ordering!¬†
  • Kosher Kush – An exception to the rule of balance, Kosher Kush can allow users to feel calm without overwhelming an anxious disposition.¬†¬†¬†
  • Royal Highness – The balanced levels of THC and CBD¬†typically sits at around a 1:1 ratio. This means that the strain offers sedating effects combined with a light, energizing high that will ease a crowded mind.¬†

Many people suffer from anxiety in its various forms, from finding social situations difficult to having trouble leaving the house at all. It’s important to recognize our own levels of anxiety, triggers, and to treat and manage the symptoms accordingly.   

best indica strains

Best indica for Pain

Many indica strains can function for pain relief and contain qualities that diminish the symptoms of chronic illnesses and diseases. Some might think that the best indica strains for sleep and pain would be based on high potency. However, not all those dealing with pain, chronic disease, or illness are interested in feeling ‚Äėhigh‚Äô. This is where the importance of CBD comes in. The following are the best indica for pain relief:¬†¬†¬†

  • Chemo Kush – Reduce pain caused by chronic illness or disease while stimulating appetite with a higher THC percentage.¬†Chemo Kush¬†is a common choice for cancer patients as well as anyone looking for pain-relieving effects without the¬†drowsiness.¬†¬†
  • ¬†¬†
  • OG Kush – Taken in smaller doses, OG Kush can help reduce pain, anxiety and even help with sleep. Users will notice that depending on quantity, the strain is consistent and reliable, and once you learn your personal capacities, it can be used to manage pain effectively.¬†¬†


Indica for Weight Loss

When so many people struggle with weight loss and obesity, it’s surprising that the weight loss effects of cannabis are not more widely known. In fact, it‚Äôs a common misconception that all strains of cannabis flowers encourage binging or overeating. So not true! Here are a couple of popular indica strains that may help reduce appetite and curb negative eating habits.¬†¬†¬†

Although the most commonly known cannabinoids are THC and CBD, cannabis plants actually contain dozens of cannabinoids, all with their own qualities and effects.  

While THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) stimulates appetite, THCV (Tetrahydrocannabivarin) can act as an appetite suppressant. Here are strains with a higher percentage of THCV:   

  • Tangie:¬†The best indica for weight loss is hands down the Tangie strain from the skunk lineage. The high levels of THCV help to suppress appetite and keep you away from the fridge.
  • Girl Scout Cookies:¬†Contrary to what the name would have you¬†believe,¬†this strain¬†actually contains¬†cannabinoids that can help suppress hunger. But maybe hide those Mint Treasures just in case.¬†¬†

 Pro Tip: Prepare snack foods before consuming cannabis. This way, you’re prepared with some healthy treats before the munchies attack, and you’ll have more control over what you’re putting into your body.  

best indica strains


Strongest Indicas

  • As we‚Äôve learned, there are varying levels of potency, depending on the strains of indica. Stronger is not always better, especially when you‚Äôre interested in treating specific needs and issues. However, it‚Äôs good to know the strongest strains on the market and what makes them so. The stronger the potency can indicate which are the best indica strains for chronic sleep issues and more severe aches and pains.¬†¬†
  • G-13 – Known as one of the most potent strains and not for the faint of heart with an average¬†THC level of 24%.¬†¬†
  • Death Star – recognizable by its compact growth structure and Sour Diesel¬†flavour, this potent strain was first bred in the U.S. and provides a¬†powerful buzz.¬†¬†
  • Pine Tar Kush – With a prominent¬†flavour¬†profile,¬†Pine Tar Kush¬†provides a potent and quick high that then slowly settles into a mellow buzz¬†¬†
  • Purple Kush – Along with its deep sleep benefits, Purple Kush comes out as one of the most potent strains in the world and is valued for its medical uses for sedation and pain relief¬†¬†

best indica strains


Why pre-rolled indica joints are so popular

Pre-rolled indica joints are one of the best ways to use cannabis because they are convenient and easy to use. They’re the best option for beginners or those just beginning their cannabis journey. It’s also the easiest way to share.  

XPG pre-rolled joints are great for anyone who values high-quality materials and the best quality flowers, as well as those who wish to avoid any non-cannabis fillers. XPG’s pre-rolled joints are made with premium rolling papers, an essential part of the rolled joint experience. 



With so many options to choose from, choosing the right type and strain of cannabis can be overwhelming and confusing. Although not comprehensive, this list will hopefully help you make an informed decision when it comes to finding the best indica strains for your specific needs and lifestyle. 

The menu of available strains on XPG is always changing and expanding. Be sure to check back often for your favourite strains.   


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