The cannabis plant is diverse and genetically flexible, having species that have developed entirely different traits as a result of evolving in different parts of the world. The species known as cannabis ruderalis evolved in northern parts of the world where summers are shorter. Therefore less light is available annually. Having adapted to these conditions, cannabis ruderalis developed the ability to flower based on age. Instead of a change in photoperiod. This is a major difference from other types of cannabis. This characteristic is what has enabled and inspired breeders to merge ruderalis genetics with that of indica and sativa varieties of cannabis. Creating hybrids known as AUTO-FLOWERING CANNABIS strains.


Autoflowering strains typically grow a lot faster than indica and sativa strains. some auto-flowering strains can go from seed to harvest in as fast as two months.
Pure ruderalis plants really do appear like a weed. They are small and thin yet hardy and adaptive. This trait makes auto-flowering strains quite small and compact. This fact is a massive advantage to some growers who are either looking to make the absolute best out of their growing space. Or those who live in areas that frown upon the growing of cannabis plants.
In fact, the rapid growth cycle and compact size of auto-flowering strains make them the ultimate choice for stealth and covert growing spaces.
One of the main advantages of auto-flowering strains is that they do not require a change in the light cycle in order to flower. Instead, they flower with age.

Ready to learn more about the best autoflowering cannabis seeds of the year – as well as how to grow them? Here’s everything you need to know to start growing some potent weed.

  1. Jack 47 is made by crossing Jack Herer Auto and AK-47, two cannabis strains that come together to produce one of the top 10 autoflowering strains. Produced from years of hard breeding,the hybrid has won multiple awards. It can reach up to 1.2 meters, so while it isn’t the shortest plant you’ll find, it is impressively yielding. Still, it is relatively dense and compact and produces resinous buds that offer a potent, knockout high. You’ll yield up to 200 grams per plant when produced outdoors, with the plant growing from seed to harvest in just 9 weeks.
    Pros: Yields up to 200 g/plant when grown outside, Produces dense, resinous buds, Strong genetic background
    Cons: Takes 9 weeks from seed to harvest
  2.  AK-47 includes a potent blend of 65% sativa and 35% indica. It is also one of the best-feminized cannabis seeds that are effortless to grow.
    Producing a mellow, uplifting effect, it’s perfect for the smoker looking for a creative or social high. It contains up to 20% THC and can be grown indoors or outdoors in a cool climate. It has a pungent, sweet-sour flavor and can be used to treat a variety of medical conditions like depression, lack of appetite, and chronic pain.
    Pros: Offers a mellow high, Has up to 20% THC, Grows in a compact fashion
    Cons: Must be grown in cool weather outdoors
  3. Northern Lights is sold by several authoritative seed banks. A legend in autoflowering form, this strain is indica-dominant and combines one of the top 10 ruderalis strains with Northern Lights. It is powerful and produces a sweet, succulent flavor. It is relaxing and can be used to ease away all kinds of aches and pains.
    Northern Lights has the ability to go from seed to harvest in just 8 weeks to 9 weeks, although sometimes it takes a bit longer. It can grow up to 1.2 meters high, which isn’t the shortest but also not the tallest plant you will find.
    Pros: Produces up to 200 grams per plant,Has a relaxing, uplifting high, Excellent genetics
    Cons: Takes 9 weeks from seed to harvest
  4.  White Widow, One of the most infamous strains of marijuana. White Widow contains tons of THC and looks fantastic with all of its orange hairs and white trichome crystals. Produced from some of the best autoflowering seeds, white widow is a great option for beginners seeking a high yield autoflowering strains. It’s from Spain and consists of 60% indica, 10% ruderalis, and 30% sativa. It yields a powerful high and only takes 8 weeks from seed to flowering time.
    Pros: Has a dank flavor with a smooth buzz, Grow sin a compact fashion, Has 21% THC
    Cons: The high might be too intense for beginners
  5. Pineapple Express is an indica-dominant pot plant that is produced from some of the most potent genetics. A top-selling autoflower strain, it combines fragrances like wood, spices, and even lemon. Pineapple Express grows to a medium height and has very short flowering time – usually less than 8 weeks. If you are trying to grow marijuana seeds in a small, cramped place, this is one of the best for you to consider. Best yet, Pineapple Express cannabis seeds produce plants that yield an enjoyable, relaxing, and long-lasting high.
    Pros: Can be grown indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse, Has a fruity pineapple flavor, Grows to a short height under 100 cm
    Cons: Soil needs to be well-aerated


As mentioned above, auto-flowering cannabis strains are indeed on the smaller side of the spectrum.
For growers with a huge grow room or private outdoor space, they may prefer to focus on strains that can grow to giant proportions. Although a variety of strategies can be employed in order to maximize the yield of any auto cannabis strains. They are genetically smaller, and therefore cannot reach the massive yields of other plants.
Auto-flowering plants can be kept under much more light during the flowering phase. This can be useful to maximize photosynthesis and therefore energy production. Having your lights on more will push up the electric costs, though.
As well as producing less of a yield than other types of strains, the cannabinoid content of that yield may also be less than a regular strain. Buds from auto-flowering cannabis strains typically produce less THC due to their ruderalis genetics.