The cannabis industry boom is unquestionably exciting. It’s not just that both casual consumers and seasoned connoisseurs are spoiled for choice with the wealth of cannabis products available. It’s that we now have access to a lineup of extra-potent forms of cannabis, including THC distillate.

But is it the holy grail of cannabis? It depends on what you’re looking for.

If you’re wondering what THC distillate is, then this article’s for you. We’ve put together an in-depth look at this ultra-powerful cannabis extract, including everything you need to know to understand and use it.


What is Cannabis Distillate?

Cannabis distillate is what you are left with after systematically stripping away everything except the cannabinoid you want through the distillation process. Distillate is one of the most concentrated cannabis extracts out there, second only to isolates.

And much like alcohol, distilling cannabis involves careful boiling and condensing to isolate specific chemical components at a much higher concentration and purity level.

THC distillates can boast THC levels as high as 99%.

As you can probably imagine, consuming these oils can be intense. This potency and the fact that you can consume cannabis distillate oils in various ways make this product one of the most versatile in the cannabis market.

To avoid any confusion, it’s important to point out that while all cannabis distillates come in oil form, not all cannabis oils are distillates.

The main difference here is that distillates contain a specific cannabinoid, like THC or CBD, whereas most cannabis oils and other concentrates still contain other compounds like terpenes and flavonoids, such as cannabis budder and live resin.


What about terpenes and those other compounds? 

Indeed, they are! However, leaving them in the mix affects the purity of the final product, and with distillate, you want the cannabinoids distilled down to its essence. Additionally, stripping the terpenes and flavonoids away from the distillate lets you control the smell and taste of the oil.

Distillate on its own is flavourless, which is extremely helpful if you’re looking to vape discreetly or don’t want the taste of cannabis in your edibles.

However, the downside is that with no terpenes and other beneficial compounds, the final product serves a singular purpose. With THC distillate, you get super high and quickly too, but without the therapeutic benefits that typically come with the entourage effect.

On the other hand, consuming CBD distillate provides the medicinal benefits of CBD, but none of the high or entourage effects.


How THC Distillate is Used

Want to know how to use THC distillate? You’re in luck because, like most cannabis products, there are several options available. These include:


Dabbing and Vaping

These are the most common. In its pure form, dabbing or vaping THC distillate gets you high almost instantly, plus the vapour is virtually odourless.

Vaping distillate is one of the best ways to covertly and quickly get high on the go, while dabbing can be more of a sit-down affair unless you have a portable dab rig.

Some manufacturers add flavour to their distillates, which influences the smell and taste, while others will use distillate to infuse a range of edibles like gummies, brownies, and chocolate.

thc distillate

Joints, Bongs, and Pipes

If you prefer the more traditional methods of toking weed, you could always add a few drops of distillate to the crushed buds in your rolling paper or bowl before sparking up.

This will undoubtedly intensify your experience and probably make you wonder why you haven’t been doing it like this from the get-go. Moreover, the distillate will not influence the odour or flavour of your buds, unless of course, it’s been flavoured too.


THC distillate oil can be used to make premium-grade edibles. The best part is that it doesn’t influence the taste, so it’s like eating a regular snack, but with a super potent high just around the corner.

If you’re cooking cannabis edibles at home with THC distillate, remember to start with a low dosage and evaluate your experience. If it’s not as potent as you like, then adjust accordingly.

If you’re consuming it sublingually, or under the tongue, start with one drop and see if it delivers the desired effect before increasing the dose.

  • Tip: Edibles generally take the longest to kick in, usually between 1 -2 hours. Taking the oil under your tongue is faster and takes 15 – 45 minutes. Dabbing and vaping are the fastest, within minutes or even seconds.



You can apply distillate-infused lotions, creams, ointments, and other topicals externally. Your skin will absorb the cannabinoid and deliver the desired effects on the area, without getting you high.


Distillate Pen

Cannabis distillates have grown in popularity to the point where special distillate pens are now flooding the market. Distillate pens are like regular vape pens, except they come with cartridges that contain pure distillate oil.

They are also generally odourless and are particularly handy if you want to get high in a public place. Perhaps when you’re about to watch a movie or visit your favourite restaurant, you’d rather not be sober.

The hit from these pens tends to be super strong—remember to inhale the vapour gently, so it doesn’t irritate the back of your throat and cause you to cough.

thc distillate

Recombined with Other Products for Greater Potency and Effects 

Since distillates contain a specific cannabinoid, manufacturers of cannabis products can use it to create products to achieve a specific cannabinoid ratio. For instance, if the marijuana flowers used for making a tincture contain more CBD than THC, they can add a THC distillate to achieve a more balanced ratio.


How is THC Distillate Made?

Need to know how to make THC distillate? The first thing you should know is that the process requires specialized equipment and a ton of technical know-how. As such, it is not something you should try at home.

Distillate is a refined extract, which means you have to go through the extraction process first, and then distill it further.

This process is known as short path distillation and involves vaporizing the cannabinoids using controlled heat. The resulting vapour is then collected in a special distillation system to separate the specific cannabinoid from the other components. What you’re left with is a clear liquid with no solvents or plant residue.


Distillate vs. Shatter

It’s easy to get distillates and concentrates like shatter confused. Yes, they both go through some form of extraction, but that it is pretty much where their similarity ends.

With shatter, a solvent like butane, propane, or CO2 is often used to extract the components of the cannabis plant. The solvent is then slowly evaporated off the extract, leaving behind the only compounds in the extract.

Unlike THC distillate, shatter extract contains multiple components, including terpenes and flavonoids. That means it leaves a unique taste and smell when consumed.

Lastly, THC distillates and shatter differ in terms of their physical appearance. While distillates are in oil form, shatter often looks like stiff, brittle glass- hence the name “shatter”. It can also sometimes have the gooey texture and same colour as THC distillate oil, but it’s usually much thicker and is not sold in syringes or cartridges.


Is There CBD Distillate?

There is! Similar to its THC counterpart, CBD distillate oil contains purified CBD. It is perfect for patients who suffer from recurring symptoms and therefore need to medicate at various times of the day.

CBD boasts a wealth of health benefits, including managing chronic pain, promoting deeper sleep, calming anxiety, and many more. You also get these benefits without the stoned, giggly, munchies-craving effects associated with THC.


The Cannabis Concentrate of the Future

THC distillate is the next step in the evolution of how cannabis and its many products are consumed. It is certainly reestablishing the standard potency and pureness of premium cannabis concentrates.

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