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Buy Pre-Rolled Joints in Canada

There’s still something special about the joint, even though there’s so many different ways to use cannabis now. But joints are incredibly easy to use and kick in within minutes. Plus, they’re one of the best ways to share the love of cannabis with others.

The main drawback of a joint is the fact that some people struggle to roll one, which can be incredibly frustrating. But with the loosening of regulations, pre-rolls are becoming increasingly common as a preferred way to smoke a joint- especially if you don’t have the time or expertise to roll one up yourself.

We make pre-rolls of many of our flower strains while ensuring that we use only the highest-quality materials possible with no organic fillers. However, if you prefer rolling your own joint, you may want to check out our flower section as well.

Benefits of Pre-Roll Joints

Pre-rolls offer the same benefits as flower, with an extra layer of convenience. Whether you’re looking for a creative Sativa high, or want to relax with your favourite Indica strain, smoking a pre-roll is significantly easier than finding the equipment to roll a great joint.

Many people think that pre-rolls offer a lower-quality experience due to inferior ingredients. We ensure that our pre-rolls use only the highest-quality flower, with no additives or fillers that will corrupt your experience. Instead, we use the same flower that we sell, neatly rolled up in premium rolling papers, and ready to use.

How to Use Cannabis Pre-Rolls

Pre-rolls are incredibly easy to use: light up and enjoy. If you’re worried about quality issues, check the pre-roll for any twigs or plant matter that may indicate organic filler.

Our prerolls contain at least 1g of weed, which makes them perfect for multiple solo sessions or a big group sesh with your friends. If you can’t finish it all in one go, then you can easily store it in the doob tube it comes in so it won’t stink up your pocket or bag.

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