Wizard OG (Cream of The Crop)


Indica Dominant
THC: 25-27%

Earn 158-258 Points! (That's $1.58-$2.58!)
Earn 158-258 Points! (That's $1.58-$2.58!)
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Welcome to the spellbinding world of Wizard OG! This hybrid strain is like a magic potion for the senses, from its sweet and spicy aromas to its euphoric effects. Take one puff and you?ll become enveloped in a tranquil blanket of warmth that lasts for hours. With flavors of fruit and earthiness culminating together in a smooth smoke, you?ll fall in love again and again with each puff.?Not only does Wizard OG boast delightful wafts but it’ll also offer comprehensive relief after a long day, letting worries melt away as it fills your mind with contentment. The strain has mild-mannered and mellow effects but an extra dose can jumpstart positive energy that often promotes creative thinking. Not only will it settle stress levels, but a few inhales can heighten your appetite too.?This hybrid strain originates from the much-adored strains from the ?Kush? family ? OG Kush specifically. If you’re looking for something special that takes us back to our roots then Wizard OG is here for you! Get ready to be hypnotized by this superb creation and experience nature’s magical remedy today!

Flavours/Aromas: Earthy, Nutty, Floral, Sweet
Effects: Sleepy, Calm, Hungry, Uplifted
Medical Uses: Chronic Pain, Fatigue, Depression


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