MKU (Smalls) (Lucky Farms)

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Indica Dominant.

THC: 14%

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Meet MKU, the ultimate Indica that’ll make you want to kick back and relax with its mellow high! It was created from a blend of O.G Kush and G-13, for an extra dose of relaxation. Get ready for some old school citrus, herbal, spicy and pine aromas you’ll love. The effects instantly take over your body with a wave of peaceful relaxation, leaving you feeling sleepy and possibly a little bit hungry – perfect for those looking to de-stress after a long day. Not only will MKU give you the perfect chance to unwind, but it also has been shown to help alleviate chronic pain, depression and stress. What more could you ask for? Don’t wait any longer – dive in now and experience all that MKU has to offer in one perfectly blissful package!
Flavours/Aromas: Citrus, Herbal, Spicy, Pine
Effects: Body High, Relaxing, Sleepy, Hungry
Medical Uses: Chronic Pain, Depression, Stress

1 review for MKU (Smalls) (Lucky Farms)

  1. matthovey23 (verified owner)

    Pretty good for the value. I smoke pretty steady and have a high tolerance from smoking tons. I usually like to fill in the times between smoking higher end smoke with some lower priced stuff and this stuff is impressive for it’s price point.

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