Do-Si-Dos (Mystic Cannabis)



Indica Dominant.

THC: 22%

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Introducing Do-Si-Dos, an exceptional indica-dominant cannabis strain carefully crafted from the potent genetics of OG Kush Breath and Face/Off OG BX1. Immerse yourself in a symphony of flavors and aromas featuring citrus, nutty sweetness, and an earthy undertone, creating a sensory experience that captivates the senses.

Do-Si-Dos transcends the ordinary with a well-balanced array of effects, promoting focus, happiness, and motivation while inducing a profound sense of relaxation. Whether you’re seeking creative inspiration or simply unwinding after a long day, Do-Si-Dos has you covered.

This versatile strain goes beyond recreational enjoyment, offering therapeutic benefits for those grappling with headaches, loss of appetite, and fatigue. Elevate your cannabis experience with Do-Si-Dos – where premium genetics and a harmonious profile converge to provide a truly unique and satisfying journey.

Flavours/Aromas: Citrus, Nutty, Sweet, Earthy
Effects: Focus, Happy, Motivation, Relaxing
Medical Uses: Headaches, Loss Of Appetite, Fatigue


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