Alien Cookies (Okanaganja)

THC: 23-25%

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Introducing the Alien Cookies indica strain – perfect for night time relaxation! Of course no alien invasion would be complete without delicious, alien cookies.  Alien Cookies have a rich heritage originating from marijuana parent strains of Alien Dawg x Girl Scout Cookies give you all the best uplifting effects with none of the stress sometimes found in long daytimes.

The sweet, floral aroma of Alien Cookies is both mysterious and inviting. And unlike most extraterrestrial relations, you’ll want this alien to stick around! A single whiff offers hints of pine while still keeping the classic GSC scent intact. When it comes to flavor, expect an array of soft floral sweetness mixed with conifer undertones that linger afterwards.

This powerhouse offers an open invitation to let go of daily stressors and surrender yourself into a more blissful state. Lean into the calming sensation created by Alien Cookie’s sedative body-stone effects and enjoy some much-needed relief from chronic pain or depression. Not only does Alien Cookies ease your mind it also leaves you feeling intently energized – making it a great choice for long evenings meditating on new possibilities as your last earthly voyage winds down. So cast off along with your little aliens and enjoy liftoff with some deliciously potent Alien Cookies tonight!

Flavours/Aromas: Pine, Floral, Sweet, Conifer
Effects: Calm, Body-Stone, Soothing, Uplifted
Medical Uses: Stress, Chronic Pain, Depression


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