Cannabis pre-rolls, also known as pre-rolled joints or pre-rolls for short, are a game-changer for cannabis consumers. Cannabis Pre-rolls are simply an amount of weed, usually 0.5 or 1 gram, rolled up in a conical fashion with a thicker end that you light and a filter at the smaller end. Pre-rolled joints can be filled with any type of weed, from shake to premium AAAA flower.

The best pre-rolls are not rolled overly tight or loose but have the weed evenly distributed throughout for a smooth, consistent smoke. 

Joints are the quintessential method of smoking cannabis because they’re accessible and easy for anyone to use. For that reason, joints are often people’s first-ever experience with cannabis, making them an iconic and beloved part of the cannabis culture. 


The Many Pros of Pre-Rolls

Some people are wizards with rolling their own joints. However, that is a skill that can take months, if not years, to master. For many people, rolling a joint can be a messy, frustrating, and time-consuming process that delivers mixed results at best. Pre-Rolls eliminate that problem.   


1. Quicker, easier, and faster than rolling your own  

Rolling joints is an art form, and not everyone can do it. And even if you’re a master roller, rolling a joint still takes time. Pre-rolls come in handy and can even be a lifesaver, especially if you’re in a rush to get to that show, party, or get together with your friends and you don’t want to show up empty-handed. Simply grab a pre-roll and put it in your pocket. How easy is that!  

2. Less ‘Canoeing’ on your joints 

Pre-rolled joints are evenly ground and mechanically rolled to minimize or eliminate ‘canoeing’ of the joint (where a joint burns unevenly up the side and carving out the middle).  

3. More convenient 

Rolling your own joints means carrying around your little ‘weed kit’ that is full of supplies such as papers, filters, grinders, etc. All those accessories take up room in your bag or pockets that you may not have. With Pre-Rolls, all you need is a lighter.  

4. More discreet 

While smoking weed is becoming more popular and accepted, there are still many places where pulling out your rolling kit is considered taboo. You’ll probably get some disapproving looks if you start rolling up a fatty at your local cafe, for example. There’s a time and place for everything, after all.  

Other times, it’s just hard to roll. What if you’re out in the rain, or it’s super windy outside? You need to find shelter or do your best to block the wind, so it doesn’t blow all your weed away. But that’s such a hassle! Having a Pre-Roll is as simple as taking it out of your pocket, lighting it and having a toke.  

5. Doob Tube 

In addition to being more discreet, cannabis Pre-Rolls also come in their own packaging for easy portability. Also known as “doob tubes”, these pre-roll containers are often air-tight, meaning they keep the smell from following you around if you are looking to be more discreet about your smoking. 

These doob tubes are also extremely convenient if you want to take a few puffs or if the joint is too big to finish in a single session. All you have to do is put the joint out and store it back in the tube for the next time!  

6. Consistency 

Pre-Rolls are always labelled with the amount of weed in them. Since Pre-Rolls have a predetermined amount of weed in them, you will be able to judge how much you need to smoke for your desired effect.  

7. Ease of Use 

Some people use cannabis for medical purposes, and some of their medical conditions might include shaking of the hands, eyesight issues, or coordination problems. Cannabis Pre-Rolls would take the difficulty of rolling joints out of the picture for people with medical conditions. 

8. Pre-Rolls Have Built in Filters 

Last but not least— filters! Filters are a great addition to a joint. They prevent burns to your lips and fingers when the joint gets small and reduces wasted weed by letting you smoke until the very end.  

Smoking a joint without a filter can lead to several issues. The joint can get really sticky at the end, to the point where the airflow gets blocked, making it very hard to toke. Weed residue can also get all over your fingertips, making you reek.  

Pre-Rolls come with filters. Filters are great to have because they will protect your fingers and lips from resin and heat and prevent wasting the last of the bud in the joint. Once you have smoked a joint with a filter, you’ll wonder why you haven’t been using them forever.  

cannabis pre-rolls

The (Sort of) Cons of Pre-Rolled Joints

Here at Xpressgrass, we take pride in our straightforward, honest reputation, and we recognize that Pre-Rolls might not be your thing. If so, we have plenty of other value-driven options for you to check out here.  

To help you make a decision that is best for you, here are the cons of pre-rolled joints:  

If you don’t like smoking weed and prefer other methods, then pre-rolls probably aren’t for you  

Some places will make pre-rolls from lesser quality flower and small buds, and others will go so far as mixing their bottom-of-the-bag weed together for even cheaper pre-rolls, so you might not even know what you’re smoking! At Xpressgrass, we offer strain-specific pre-rolls so that will never happen to you  

You skip the tradition of rolling. I know that we talked about how rolling joints can be a hassle, but there is something about that ritual that can enhance the overall experience. Maybe it’s similar to when a gardener gets to eat their own homegrown vegetables, but there’s a certain satisfaction that comes from smoking a joint that you rolled yourself.  


So Are Pre-Rolls Worth Buying? 

Yes! Cannabis Pre-Rolls are definitely worth it 

A few years ago, the answer to this question would probably be… meh, depends. They used to be filled with the dreg shake of whatever low-quality weed was leftover. Sometimes you wouldn’t even get weed; it would be mostly filler that was harsh to smoke.  

But that was then. Today, the quality of cannabis, the quality of cannabis stores, and the quality of the Pre-Rolls are all on the rise and getting bigger and better every day. All that growth means companies like Xpressgrass are producing much higher quality Pre-Rolls for a much lower price.  

For a lot of people, Pre-Rolls are the best value option. When you factor in grinding, rolling, packing, and wrapping a joint every single time, Pre-Rolls save you a ton of time, money, and effort so you can focus on the important stuff—mainly smoking some great weed.  

cannabis pre-rolls

Where To Buy Pre-Rolls? 

Right here at Xpressgrass!

Xpressgrass uses only the highest quality flower in our Pre-Rolls, with zero added fillers or additives. There is an old stigma that cannabis Pre-Rolls just contain lower quality shake and give a second-class smoke experience. Xpressgrass is changing that stereotype and we would love for you to try our line up of impressive strains in our convenient, easy-to-use, perfectly rolled Pre-Rolls.  

The Pre-Rolls at Xpressgrass are not only of the highest quality but also at a very good price. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with the best product for the best price.  

In terms of value buying, the convenience, quality, and discreteness of our Pre-Rolls at Xpressgrass make Pre-Rolls one of the best deals out there.

Come check out Xpressgrass’ selection of high-quality cannabis pre-rolls here.  


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