Marijuana products can reduce stress, increase your appetite, relieve pain, and provide many more benefits. However, the smell of weed is one of the main reasons why people tend to stay away from cannabis. People usually describe the smell as an earthy or woody version of skunk spray. If you’ve ever had the misfortune of getting sprayed or have driven by a skunk on the road, you know the first thing anyone would try to do is avoid the smell as much as possible.

It’s a strong scent that can easily get on your clothes, most fabrics and hair. If the weed is not stored properly, it definitely won’t go unnoticed either. The worst-case scenario would be inviting friends and family over only to have them welcomed by the overwhelming smell of weed. Obviously, marijuana flower when smoked creates the strongest aroma, but even edibles, shatter and hash can sometimes carry a faint stench. How to get rid of weed smell? The key is how you store it. There are many tips and tricks that can help you store the weed to prevent the pungent aroma from seeping out. So, let’s get started. Here is our comprised list of different ways to appropriately store your weed.

Are You Storing Your Weed Properly?

How do you know if you’re storing your weed properly? Look out for colour and texture. If your flowers are stored properly the buds will look full and green. After a while, the colour may not be as vibrant as when you first purchased it – but that’s okay! Sometimes you can see hints of other colours like purple, brown or pink depending on the weed strain you’ve purchased. The texture should still be sticky and/or spongey.

On the contrary, if you’re not storing your marijuana bud properly then you’ll see more of an overall brown colour than green. The texture of the flower buds also becomes crumbly. If you can pinch the weed and have it turn to dust, you’re definitely not storing it right. Something else to keep in mind, if you start seeing random brown patches or some web-like irregularities on good weed. The discolouration could be a sign of moldy weed caused by a buildup of humidity.

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What To Avoid When Storing Weed

Now that you know what to look out for, we’ll discuss the best ways to store your marijuana products. There are a few major aspects to consider in order for you to store your weed properly.

Temperature: The best temperature to store your weed at is approximately 21°C. Storing your weed at a higher temperature could increase the humidity, therefore ruining your marijuana flowers. Higher temperatures could also potentially dry out your weed or melt chocolate cannabis bars as well. If you don’t want your weed to dry out or collect mold and mildew, store your weed in a cooler area.

Avoid Light: Keep your buds away from light sources including UV lights. Light is the fastest way to age your weed and contributes to the deterioration of cannabinoids. Ultraviolet lights can also degrade your weed. Many people keep their marijuana flowers in clear glass mason jars, however, it does absolutely nothing to protect your weed from light sources.

Oxygen Exposure: Just like consistent light exposure, oxygen exposure also downgrades the cannabinoids in weed buds. It converts the euphoric high you get from the THC into CBN, a cannabinoid that doesn’t produce the high sensation. Excessive oxygen exposure also changes the flavour of the flower making it smell more earthy and grass-like.

Best Methods to Store Your Weed

The best way to store your weed and other cannabis products is with an opaque air-tight container in a dark and cool place. A cool and dark place could mean your basement, a cupboard away from the window etc. Following those criteria will ensure that you reduce light and air exposure while maintaining a consistent temperature. This means that you can’t simply store your cannabis in baggies or everyone’s favourite – clear glass mason jars. Some people use old empty medicine containers, but any resealable opaque container will do.

What Causes the Smell of Weed

There are many factors that cause and affect the smell of weed. Terpenes play a major part in accentuating the smell of marijuana. Terpenes are essentially the aromatic compound found in many plants, including marijuana. Certain strains contain more terpenes such as linalool (one of the many chemical compounds of terpenes) which causes the weed smell and taste to be more pungent and citrusy. Another aspect is harvest time. If the marijuana plant is harvested at full maturity, it will smell more than cannabis plants that were harvested before it’s reached maturity. Unfortunately, if you’re marijuana smells more or worse than usual, it could be due to mold production. As we previously discussed, your weed can get moldy because it’s not being stored properly. If your weed has brown patches, web-like structures and smells like a foul musty odour, throw that weed out!

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How to Get Rid of Weed Smell

There are many creative ways to prevent the smell of weed from seeping out. Here are some of the best ways on how to get rid of weed smell.

Smell Proof Containers

Preventing the smell of weed from escaping is essentially why these smell-proof containers were created. Not only are they air-tight, but they’re also usually opaque and lightweight. They’re literally made to hold your marijuana products. They vary in size and are resealable. Sometimes they even come with grinders, so it serves a dual purpose. Grind up your weed and store them appropriately all in one place. There are also marijuana smell-proof kits you can purchase that resemble lunch bags. These kits can safeguard your marijuana products and prevent the smell from escaping with ease. They can come with smell-proof bags, a grinder, rolling trays and more. These kits come with everything you’ll need to enjoy your cannabis products.


Some people like to hotbox in an enclosed space to enjoy the effects of marijuana for longer. The worst part about smoking in confined places is the lingering smell afterwards. The smell has soaked into your carpets, the curtains, your bedsheets and so forth. Simply light up an incense. Nag Champa incenses are strong enough to mask the scent and mix well with the smell to create a more relaxing environment. It’s usually used in yoga and meditation sessions. Besides incense, feel free to experiment with other fragrances from candles, and air fresheners to create the smell you like. For example, if the weed is more citrusy like Lemon Haze, try orange or lemony scents to overpower the overwhelming smell of weed. Tip: To get rid of the smell quickly, microwave a scented bar of soap for 1-2 minutes.

Air Purifier

If you’re looking for a more technical approach, invest in an air purifier. They’re meant to eliminate smoke and other particles as soon as it’s produced. This is definitely important for those who enjoy smoking indoors as the smell can accumulate quickly. Not only will it help get rid of the smell, but it’ll also filter out any toxins from burning weed to help you breathe better quality air. It’s also great for people who have asthma, or any airborne-related allergies. Make sure you get an air purifier with a carbon air filter. The activated carbon-based material will absorb odours, gases and chemicals.


Now we’ll discuss the little things that can help with the smell of weed. As we’ve mentioned, UV light can break down cannabinoids. This means that opening a window, pushing away your curtains and letting some sun in can actually help combat the smell of weed. Another way to help with the smell is by simply placing something scented in your weed container. Some prefer orange peels, car fresheners, patchouli oil etc. Dilute the smell from the source and it won’t seep through to the rest of your home.  Purchasing or making your own smoke filter is also something to consider. Using the old trick – toilet paper roll and a scented dryer sheet will help filter out the smoke and engulf the smoke in the scented dryer sheet smell.

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