Cannalean THC Syrup (Vancity Labs)

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10 Servings Per Bottle

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Earn 76 Points! (That's $0.76!)
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Vancity Labs’ Cannalean is a THC infused syrup with 1000mg total THC dosage. The syrup is designed for nano-enhanced delivery. Suggested to have a total of 10 servings (100mg THC / 10 ml of syrup).

You can feel the difference with a scientifically proven formula that works! Be careful though. The effects are much stronger than regular edibles. Don’t need to be a hero, not all heroes can guzzle 100mg.
Best served in Sprite

4 reviews for Cannalean THC Syrup (Vancity Labs)

  1. Mike Scott (verified owner)

    I used 10ml (100mg THC ) and got better effects faster than higher doses of other edibles. The only reason to give 4 stars and not 5 is the weed taste that I am ok with. I’m waiting for my 2nd order now.

  2. alexcork (verified owner)

    I mix it into a hot chocolate in the evening. I feel the effects before I’m done my cup. Definitely recommend!

  3. ldenham03 (verified owner)

    Bought the cherry version of this, mixed it with all sorts of sodas i can tell you it doesnt mix well with sodas it gets rid of the flavor of the soda. mixed it with lemonade its way better in lemonade or some fruity beverages

  4. madissonburke (verified owner)

    Highly recommend! It’s good and it hits fast. Pretty potent, I get couch locked from half a dose.

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