Animal Cookies (Skookum)

THC: 28% CBD: 0.5%

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Animal Cookies is an indica dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the infamous Girl Scout Cookies X Fire OG strains. This celebrity child is a favorite of both patients and breeders, packing a super stable grow and a hard-hitting high. The Animal Cookies high comes on fast and hard with a rushing lifted feeling that fills your mind with a happy and unfocused euphoria. As you fade further into this giggly hazy state, a relaxing body high will wash over you, lulling you into a deep state of ease and calm. This combination quickly becomes sedative, leaving you dozing off before you expect it. These effects and its high 20-27% average THC level make Animal Cookies perfect for treating those suffering from conditions such as chronic pain, insomnia, chronic stress, depression and appetite loss or nausea.

Flavours/Aromas: Cookies, Chem, Woodsy, Earthy

Effects: Euphoric, Soothing, Happy, Mellow

Medical Uses: Stress, Chronic Pain, Anxiety


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