Voltair 510 Battery (Ascera) – Black

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White – 1.8v, Green – 2.2v, Blue – 2.6v, Red – 3.0v

2 clicks – Preheat (1.5v, 15 seconds)

3 clicks – Change Voltage

5 clicks – Turn off or On

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Voltair is a brand-friendly battery option that offers 4 voltage settings, which have been proven to outperform traditional pen-style 510-batteries.

By using a specialty low voltage battery, starting at 1.8V to 3.0V, the consumer can experience the full flavour profile of your extracts, in whichever voltage setting they prefer.

A good battery ensures that your cartridge fires perfectly every time, delivering consistent performance. Superior vaporization and uniform heating of the oil is created by proper voltage ranges being matched to the resistance of the coil.

*Charger included.

6 reviews for Voltair 510 Battery (Ascera) – Black

  1. cagclose2 (verified owner)

    I got this product and it actually didn’t work but someone from the team.of express grass was able to help out and get the situation sorted!! Love express grass

  2. stacksofbeef (verified owner)

    Great pen. Charges quick, preheats fast, delivers smooth hits

  3. azowyn.yt (verified owner)

    Light, small, sleek, heats up quick and smooth as hell

  4. jill.fraser (verified owner)

    Great little pen, love it for the times you want to be a little more discreet

  5. nbenedicte.ma (verified owner)

    so good, super smooth, just overall great like it lasts long and charges fast, a great product. would DEFINITELY repurchase

  6. colind1233 (verified owner)

    Nice pen

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