Sea Warp VV + Honey Oil (Viridesco)



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The Viridesco VV+ SeaWarp Honey Oil sounds like a mouthful, right? Fortunately, its main points don’t lie in the hard-to-spell name. This is one of the most effective cannabis healing products out there. Viridesco never disappoints when it comes to lab-tested, pure cannabis topicals that heal the body and mind. With over 75.35% THC, this SeaWarp Honey Oil is exceedingly potent and beneficial to you!


What does Viridesco VV+ SeaWarp Honey Oil’s smell and taste like?

The SeaWarp Honey Oil from Viridesco has a powerful aroma of pine and sweetness. It’s not too sweet or intense, but it’s enough to leave its mark on you. When you first taste it, the texture is a bit gooey, leaving you with a pine flavour in your mouth. Both the aroma and flavour come from the same place – perfectly balanced hybrid plants bred in BC.


How will it affect me?

There’s only one way to find out – by tasting it! But we’ll give you a few spoilers. Think of intense euphoria that melts your mind into a puddle of blissful happiness. After that, the sweet fragrance invades your lungs and makes you want to drink even more of this SeaWarp Honey Oil. After the euphoria ends, the sedation begins. One follows the other as your body rids itself of pains, aches, and every other discomfort you’re feeling.


Most of the people looking for Viridesco VV+ SeaWarp Honey Oil do it for the therapeutic benefits. More specifically, this oil will relieve symptoms of chronic pain, fatigue, headaches and migraines, insomnia, loss of appetite, PTSD, depression, and mild cases of anxiety. When you want to feel blissful, relaxed, and comfortable in your own body, then this Viridesco Honey Oil is just the thing for you! It’s easy to consume since there’s only a syringe in the package.


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