RSO CBD Hemp Oil (Viridesco)


CBD 64.2% RSO Hemp Oil

Earn 130-211 Points! (That's $1.30-$2.11!)
Earn 130-211 Points! (That's $1.30-$2.11!)
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This Hemp Flower Oil has been independently tested at 58.5% CBD. It contains only 2.1% THC.

This FPE Oil blend (Full Plant Extract) is perfect for those who want the full spectrum of plant oils, fats, and lipids.

Our raw unadulterated Organic Hemp Oil is intended to be eaten. It often has an earthy, medicinal taste. If you find the taste unpleasant, please see our website or informational pamphlet for instructions on how to mix it into baked goods, or topical and other formulations.


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