Pressed Bubble Hash – Gas Truffles


Pressed Bubble Hash
Indica Dominant

Earn 50-900 Points! (That's $0.50-$9.00!)
Earn 50-900 Points! (That's $0.50-$9.00!)
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Gas Truffle is an indica dominant hybrid strain that packs a potent punch. Unknown genetics make this one mysterious, though some believe OG Kush to be a phenotype.

Caramel coffee notes with an earthy exhale make for a decadent flavour profile, while aromas of gassy diesel and citrus hit the nose. Gas Truffle is known to be extremely calming, making it a great choice for a lazy chill evening in.

Upon your first toke, you will feel the effects weave their way through your mind and body, making you feel happy and uplifted before you ease into an unfocused, couch locked, sleepy state.

Gas Truffle would be beneficial for medical users treating conditions such as depression, chronic stress, chronic fatigue, headaches, migraines, muscle spasms, loss of appetite, and insomnia.


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