CO2 Disposable Vape Pen [SUPERDANK]


500mg Full-Spectrum Organic CO2 Oil

Earn 80 Points! (That's $0.80!)
Earn 80 Points! (That's $0.80!)
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SUPERDANK C02 Disposable Vape Pen

SUPERDANK rechargeable “Pure Vibes” vape pens contain 500mg of Lab Tested C02, solvent-free full-spectrum cannabis oil. The “Pure Vibes” Pens are rechargeable, have refillable reservoirs, and provide over 150 puffs per refill. Our unique, one of a kind design is available in 12 strains. This product is perfect for the smoker that needs a discreet, slick, and sensible smoking experience.

SUPERDANK Cannabis products are a step higher than the rest. We pride ourselves on top shelf cannabis products at a price point that everyone loves.


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