Sky Cake


A balanced Hybrid, with energizing and uplifting effects.

Earn 24-510 Points! (That's $0.24-$5.10!)
Earn 24-510 Points! (That's $0.24-$5.10!)
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Sky Cake


Notes from Xpress Grass:  Sky Cake is an evenly balanced indica/sativa strain, with roots from the potent LSD and the flavourful Rocky Mountain Blueberry Kush. Creamy, floral aromas are present along with a hint of gas. When smoked, exotic flavours of herbs and a silky sweetness hit the taste buds, followed by an essence of fuel on the exhale. The buds of Sky Cake are large, very dense, and look astounding with near-flawless trim and a beautiful covering of diamond-white trichomes. Some people like to eat with their eyes, and if that’s you, you’ll definitely be hungry for Sky Cake.

A great-looking bud is one thing, but it also has to walk the walk in terms of potency. Don’t worry, Sky Cake delivers there, too. It starts with an energizing and uplifting buzz which melts into a soothing and mellow high, yet leaves you fully functional. This ‘functional relaxation’ makes it ideal for winding down after a long day, or inspiring your creativity in a game or side project. With its beautiful aesthetics, smooth flavour, and unique high, you can definitely have your Sky Cake and eat it too.

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