CO2 Oil Vape Cartridges [Onli]

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Why co2 oil? CO2 Oil is a full body extraction of the cannabis plant, preserving a full range of cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes. This process ensures you receive the full volume of the cannabis plant as nature intended it. No additives, Onli Flowers.

Directions: Attach to compatible 510 threading battery. Use adjustable ring at the bottom to adjust desired airflow. Enjoy!

Contains: 0.5ml Full Spectrum CO2 Oil

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Not all oils are created equal. CO2 Oil is a full body extraction of the cannabis plant that preserves the fullest range of cannabinoids, flavanoids and terpenes, ensuring you receive the complete benefits of the cannabis plant, as nature intended.

A quality product doesn’t stop at just the oil. Our 510 threading cartridges employ the latest in ceramic core technology ensuring a clean, tasty pull with a controlled airflow feature. Our hardware also passes the strictest tests for heavy metals.

Unlike most other cartridges out there, our products contain no additives whatsoever. Just single strain origin supercritical CO2 extracted oil. No propylene glycol (PG) , vegetable glycerin (VG) or fractionated coconut oil (MCT).


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