Imported Charas Hashish [India]

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Exotic, uplifting, and meditative

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Notes from Xpress Grass: This traditionally-produced hashish has travelled to us from the Himalayan foothills of northern India, where cannabis has flourished both in the wild and under human cultivation for thousands of years. Charas is handmade from live plants at high altitudes and has an unusually cerebral, psychoactive high due to the fact that it is usually harvested a couple days before the plants reach full maturity.

This is dense and pliable hashish with a sweet, musky incense of sandalwood and chocolatey earthiness that carries through to the smoke. Charas hashish is distinguished by a transcendent, mildly psychedelic high and its historical religious significance across the Indian subcontinent, where it is used in holy rituals honouring Lord Shiva.

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  1. fleelex (verified owner)

    Reminds me of the Hash I used to smoke in the 80”s It’s flavour and texture is just right and it fluffs up perfectly for rolling. The buzz leaves you functional and not overwhelmed and goes well with coffee in the morning or as an after dinner treat. I would definitely purchase this one again!

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