CO2 Oil Vape Cartridges [HAAZE]


Full-Spectrum Organic CO2 Oil

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HAAZE aims to introduce a higher level of standard in the vaping industry by combining the best hardware with the purest oil.

CO2 extraction preserves plant terpenes and cannabinoids which may otherwise be lost in solvent-based extraction processes, making it the highest quality oil on the market:

● VG/PG & Vitamin E Acetate free – A safer and healthier product
● Full-Spectrum Organic CO2 Oil – Receive all the therapeutic benefits of whole plant cannabis concentrates
● Oil Profile: 70% Delta 9 THC, 10% Delta 8 THC, 1.2% CBD, Terpenes

Cartridge specifications:

● 0.5 ml Cartridge Capacity
● Ceramic Heating Element – Creates a flawless, rich tasting vapour
● Standard 510 thread
● Adjustable Top Airflow Cartridge – Delivers smooth vaping with a leak proof design


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