Clear-headed, fun and blissful CBD effects.

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Earn 20-338 Points! (That's $0.20-$3.38!)
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Notes from XpressGrass: CBD Dancehall, also known as Dancehall, is a unique sativa-dominant hybrid from two exciting and rare strains: Juanita Lagrimosa and Kaliyah. The flavour profile has something for everyone with aromas of sweetness, tropical fruit, diesel, and earth, followed by flavours boasting fruity pineapple and fuel. Salt and pepper ash is present when CBD Dancehall’s buds are chopped, rolled, and smoked.

Along with its exciting flavour, Dancehall delivers a fun high. Named after a Reggae style played in times of celebration, Dancehall elicits clear-headed, blissful CBD effects causing uncontrolled laughing fits and sociability, followed by a calming body-stone known to ease pain and anxiety. This bud has a super high CBD level and mouth-watering tastes that would be great for heading out on the town or playing cards with friends.

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